In a recent piece I wrote for WOMMA’s blog, I touched on the need for clarity and purpose in large scale data collection – more specifically, in the context of social sharing and content marketing. And when we talk about clarity, we almost certainly mean to include the elements of transparency. Companies in the business of large scale data collection bear the responsibility of keeping that valuable data in confidence and in the public’s trust. This applies whether it’s for the purpose of research and learning or for the ability to deliver an ad for that new iPad mini, exactly when you’re most apt to purchase that product. Moreover, data should be collected willingly. Specifically, people should have a clear option of not participating with their data in the process if they should decide.

The Challenge of Large Scale Data Collection

Here at Rio SEO, we’re not just collecting data for the sake of collecting data. We continue to refine the clarity of our privacy and data collection practices. We also collaborate with well respected organizations like the Digital Advertising Alliance to comply with industry standard opt-out programs. Additionally, we strive to become an ever-increasingly responsible organization in the matters of data collection and social sharing. All the while we focus on increasing our clients’ marketing performance and potential.

Rio SEO respects and values our clients’ data, as well as those of their end users.  We know we wouldn’t be in the business of social media activation and consumer engagement marketing if not for the trust of our clients and the security of valuable data we help to collect and manage.

Keep an eye out for updates in the coming weeks. We’ll be sharing how we’ll improve our ethical considerations on big data collection and management.

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By Thomas Kim / Product Manager, Rio SEO