Google Showing Search Engine SERPs

Google Showing Search Console Performance Data in the SERPs

The Rio team made an interesting discovery yesterday.  While doing a simple search query for one of our client brands, we noticed that Google is showing keyword performance directly on the SERP (search engine results page).  

As you’ll see below, Google displayed a performance box directly in the SERPs with a Search Console view of how the website was performing for that particular search query, with a week-to-week comparison. This data is pulled directly from Google Search Console performance metrics.

Google Showing Search Engine SERPs

It seems that this performance box only shows while you are signed into a Google account that is associated with a verified Google Search Console profile.

So why is Google doing this? They seem to be encouraging webmasters to utilize Google Search Console recommendations to maximize their website’s performance. We noticed that these SERP performance boxes show up for non-branded search queries, as well.

What can you do with this information as it relates to local search engine optimization? Google obviously wants you to pay attention to the recommendations they provide in Google Search Console. This could also be an indirect strategy to encourage webmasters to spend money on Google Ads for keywords they have a hard time ranking on.

In any event, make sure you are doing all you can to optimize your website to maximize local organic performance.  

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