By Russ Mann / CEO, Rio SEO

Back in 2006, Covario published the original Search and Content Maturity Model. This helped marketers understand their organization’s relative sophistication and maturity to their peers. We then created the Search and Digital Center of Excellence whitepaper in early 2010. This helped search experts understand the various forms that an SCOE or DCOE might take. It also helped them understand the steps and characteristics to make such a center of excellence happen.

smarter content SEO Lifecycle

More recently, we introduced concepts revolving around the Smarter Content Lifecycle™ and SEO Life­­cycle™ Automation. We realized an important truth. It doesn’t how sophisticated an organization’s placement on the search and content maturity curves. Regardless of whether it had a search or digital center of excellence – there is still a daily process going on within search, social and content marketing campaigns. We call this the SEO Lifecycle.

That said, many search marketing managers still look at their various SEO tasks as separate and disparate functions rather than an integrated, scalable and repeatable process with some ability to automate. SEO is a science, not just an elaborate art.

At the higher and more sophisticated level, Smarter Content™ Automation is a four-stage process for iteration and maximization, encompassing inspiration, creation and optimization, distribution, and reporting and analytics.

smartercontentcircle SEO Lifecycle

Similarly, within SEO Lifecycle Automation, search engine optimization goes through a four-stage iterative process. First is planning and analyzing SEO campaigns, then executing on those campaigns, tracking and iterating the projects, and then finally doing scoring and advanced analytics.


For each step of these processes, our Rio SEO software division offers separate but integrated SaaS software tools. These are open-architecture so they easily integrate with popular digital analytics and content management systems. Among them are Adobe’s Omniture and CQ5 with Google analytics, IBM’s Unica and Coremetrics, and Websphere. Also included are other off-the-shelf and proprietary in-house systems.

Once again, no one search or social manager, nor a content marketer, can boil the ocean and move a global organization on his or her own. It takes people, process, and technology. It also takes strategy, structure and systems. Savvy digital marketers use frameworks like the Search Maturity Model, the Digital Center of Excellence, and the Smarter Content Lifecycle or the SEO Lifecycle. They use these to gain consensus, support and momentum for their initiatives across global organizations and among senior executives.