Rachel Ullstrom / Account Director, Rio SEO

There are countless studies on why video marketing makes for effective content and leads to discovery in Internet searches on YouTube, Google, Bing and Yahoo. What hasn’t been particularly well articulated is why video is discovered so frequently and who is doing the discovering.

I am going to make a wild (data-based and factual) assertion: Videos are discoverable largely because of sharing. In fact, video is the most shared brand content type on Facebook.

A recent campaign the social technologies team at Rio SEO ran clearly illustrated this. I proved that a social consumption strategy based around video is a great way to gain traffic and engagement from social forums and social sharing. In 2011, we began working with a major entertainment brand. And, over three years, we have seen video content grow significantly on the site.

Video Marketing

Fig 1:1

Growth of video content over time

Outside data did not drive this decision. In fact, in 2011 we identified through Rio SEO Social Analyze™ that 35 percent of the shared content resulted in return visits. Of the content that was shared, video content made up 93 percent. Video pages averaged 5,141 percent more social entries per month than the site average.

In year three, a conscious change was made to increase the volume and frequency of published video content. This exponentially increased the effectiveness of content shares. Video made up 80% of the content shared. Moreover, the volume of video posts grew by 181%.


Fig 1:2

Illustrates the key performance indicators for social performance, including how many entries from sharing (% WOM), and how many visitors brought back one or more new people to the page (% Influencers)

Video Social

Fig 1:3

The effectiveness of sharing grew YoY with influencers bringing back more new visitors per share each year.

Video Marketing

Fig 1:4

Visitors per page also grew as sharing became more effective.

As we focused on video, not only was content across all categories shared more frequently and more successfully (return visits gained from shares), but the effectiveness or reach of each of those shares grew. For our client, video marketing was critical to increasing their social footprint and traffic. Ultimately, pivoting to the content that resonates with your audience drives immediate and long term results!

In our whitepaper, SEO + Social: The Most Effective Advertising Mix, we share our findings of the most share-worthy content types based on Rio SEO proprietary digital analytics and secondary research. Videos and user generated content receive 10x the average share rate when compared to a standard landing page!