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We Asked the Experts: How Do You Measure the Success of a Local SEO Campaign?

We Asked the Experts is a series designed to provide you with the most relevant insights from local search experts. Each month Bright Local covers a different question and share insights from key figures in the local SEO community in an effort to help you further your knowledge and strategy. This month they tackled local

July 1, 2020|

How Restaurants Can Drive Sales During COVID-19 Through SEO

The rise of social distancing and the inevitable need for safety measures to be put in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic significantly shifted the way the foodservice industry once operated. It also entirely transformed the way consumers dine with their favorite restaurants. Long gone are the days of sitting near other patrons, filling every seat

June 19, 2020|

COVID-19 notice Appearing on Businesses in Search Results

Earlier this week we began seeing new notices appear on listings with an alert symbol stating: Hours or services may differ due to COVID-19. We’ve dug in to learn more about how these notices are displayed and how businesses can control their visibility. Read article

April 1, 2020|

Communication tips for local businesses during COVID-19

Social distancing and other safety measures have severely impacted day-to-day operations for local businesses, and these changes can be jarring for customers caught unaware. During our local search edition of Live with Search Engine Land Friday, members of the local search community and Krystal Taing shared communication strategies and tips agencies and business owners can use

March 31, 2020|