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The road to Rio began in 2006 as a software solution within local search B2B search marketing agency Covario. Our passion in developing enterprise solutions for multi-location marketing grew from our experience as marketers in driving business growth with local marketing.

It’s that dedication and expertise that drove us to develop our Open Local Platform, an innovative, scalable suite of proven local marketing products that work together seamlessly to achieve your local marketing goals. This holistic approach gives brands the much-needed local marketing edge, even in the most competitive of locales. Our seasoned local marketing experts are defining the future of local, with solutions that enable our partners to continuously navigate the shifting landscape.

Today, the superior performance and unrivaled precision of the Open Local Platform powers millions of meaningful customer interactions for many of the nation’s largest brands. We’re driving measurable traffic and attributable sales, providing agencies, brands and multi-location enterprises a full-service local marketing solution with built-in transparency and accountability.

At Rio, we are driven by your success.

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