Marketers know the importance of engaging franchise owners and local managers— giving local stakeholders the ability to author and control location data. Still, it’s easier said than done. Brands need to maintain the integrity of location information across the organization, whether that means hundreds of locations across the U.S or thousands worldwide. Thus surfaces the need for local data governance.

Rio SEO’s Local Manager has long provided that critical governance layer that ensures corporate control while empowering local stakeholders to personalize their location’s listings. Now, an additional layer of upgraded UI enhancements and customizable content options are enabling brands to crowdsource location data from people in the field for richer and more engaging content, without sacrificing brand consistency or control.  

Consumer behavior has surfaced the need for enhanced GMB listings. 

On-the-go consumers are often searching for solutions to meet their immediate needs—may be a takeout restaurant for dinner, a flower shop for a special gift, or a financial institution open on the way home from work. Near-constant improvements to Google My Business and the way local listings present rich, engaging location information to searchers has changed the game. Today, consumers expect to see local photos and videos, menus, recent reviews, location hours and more as they compare locations and prepare to visit.

The old method of having locations submit photos, in-store specials, holiday hours and other location-specific information to corporate before it could be published was slow and cumbersome. It was near-impossible to get the information out in a timely way. Many brands managed only to get the bare minimum published: store hours, the proper address and map pin, and maybe a brief description of the location.

But consumer expectations have evolved far beyond this and today, they expect to see so much more. Interior and exterior photos, product or service menus (whether it’s a spa, restaurant, car wash, or pet groomer), information about what’s trending locally or seasonally, and more can all help your prospective customers choose you over a competitor.

Introducing the Suggestion Engine for Local Data Governance 

local data governance suggestion engine

See pending updates by location, who suggested the change, when last changes were made, and more—all in a single, user-friendly interface.

Powerful brand controls in a simple, actionable interface.

Introducing the Suggestion Engine, a suite of enhanced, customizable controls in Rio SEO’s Local Manager that gives brands a single platform from which to:

  • Solicit location data from people in the field, such as franchisees and local managers.
  • Define minimum field requirements for adding new locations.
  • Quickly and seamlessly add local data across the enterprise.
  • Get notified when there are new local updates to review and see all locations with pending updates.
  • Leverage ‘draft mode’ to save edits and continue updating in a later session.
  • See if there are conflicts; ie.: two users have suggested updates and they are conflicting. View a side-by-side comparison and approve, reject or communicate back to the local manager who suggested the change. 
  • See a full history of the date changed, who suggested, who approved, etc. for every update.
  • Share deep links with local managers and other collaborators, making it easier to share and discuss location-specific updates.

suggestion engine screenshot

Dig into each location data update request to get the specifics, see any conflicting update requests, communicate back to the suggester, and more.

Collecting this information in a spreadsheet at corporate is inefficient and doesn’t allow your brand to get in front of motivated consumers with the timely, compelling, local content that converts.

Enable your locations to differentiate themselves.

As this is an optional Local Manager add-on, your brand controls the level of customization. Across industries, searchers crave rich, descriptive local information to help them decide which location to visit. This add-on enables brands to fill those holes in their location data by essentially crowdsourcing it from local stakeholders.

Adding this customization is a great option for brands that:

  • Allow individual locations to control their own regular business hours and holiday hours.
  • Have menus that vary at the location or regional level, or individual locations that offer specific menu items.
  • Require a documented history of data updates for regulatory or internal governance reasons, such as in healthcare or finance.
  • Enable locations to choose their product or service specializations.
  • Want to streamline local marketing by engaging people in the field and crowdsourcing local data needs to those who know the information best—local managers and franchisees.

For current Rio SEO clients, the best way to determine just what this enhancement can do for your brand is to discuss with your account director and our team of local search experts. If you’re not yet a Rio SEO client using Local Manager, we’re happy to help you explore your local data governance challenges and how we can help. Get in touch with Rio SEO today to get started.

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