Download the COVID-19 and the Future of Local Marketing for Brands Ebook Now

The COVID-19 crisis will certainly be remembered most for its devastating impact on healthcare and humanity. Yet for businesses of all kinds around the world, the consequences of this extended period of economic interruption cannot be underestimated. While COVID-19 and the future of local marketing seem perplexing at this time, one thing is certain: businesses have adjusted to this uncertainty with grace, as have customers who have been quick to support their local businesses.

As brands continue to grapple with dramatic shifts in demand, consumer behavior, and remote work practices, they are being challenged to respond with empathy to rapidly changing consumer needs in near-real-time. Lauren Abramson, Account Director here at Rio SEO, joined Krystal Taing, Director of Local Strategy at Rio SEO, in this exploration of which COVID-related trends are impacting brands and how local marketers can prepare for ongoing or intermittent business interruptions.

Together, they shared a few areas of focus to help guide multi-location brands’ local marketing strategy through COVID-19, and beyond. For more support regarding local marketing best practices and strategies during COVID-19, we encourage you to check our COVID-19 resources page. Here, you’ll find the latest information and updates to help better prepare for your store’s reopening and beyond.

In the ebook, you’ll learn:

  • Local business and marketing trends impacting brands during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Incorporating online business practices into your brick-and-mortar strategy
  • Adjusting to dramatic changes in media consumption
  • Offering contactless delivery or pickup
  • Optimizing your online presence for online or phone ordering
  • Handling temporary closures, special hours, and store reopenings properly
  • Best Practices for post-pandemic local marketing