How useful are Google Posts in boosting online brand promotion?

To test the effectiveness of Google Posts, Rio SEO’s team created a study to track, identify, and analyze the benefits of this feature in the final quarter of 2018. The scope of the study included the analysis of 5000 Google Posts created for multi-location brands within various industries. Specific benchmarks were measured, such as website actions, total views, direct searches, phone call actions, and more.

For most of these benchmarks, the results were staggering. For instance, on average, these brands saw an increase of 76.54 percent in search views one week after the Google Post campaign.

Read the White Paper: “Measuring the ROI of Google Posts for Enterprise Brands”

Read the complete study to see the results of Rio SEO’s analysis of over 5000 Google Posts. Here you’ll find a breakdown of key indicators for these eight unique campaigns, and how Google Posts influenced these parameters over time.