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Google Posts 101: Creating Engaging, Eye-Catching Local Business Posts

June 4, 2020|

Download our Google Posts 101 Whitepaper Now Google has long been aiming to answer search queries by providing the most accurate, up-to-date information possible. Now, with the rise of zero-click searches, almost half of all searches do not even result in a click to a website. This presents both a challenge and an opportunity for multi-location brands. The hurdle they must overcome is showcasing relevant and correct information to searchers during their time of need, which starts with maintaining their local listings across all their locations. The benefits far outweigh the additional effort it takes to ensure fully-optimized Google My

COVID-19 and the Future of Local Marketing for Brands

May 19, 2020|

Download the COVID-19 and the Future of Local Marketing for Brands Ebook Now The COVID-19 crisis will certainly be remembered most for its devastating impact on healthcare and humanity. Yet for businesses of all kinds around the world, the consequences of this extended period of economic interruption cannot be underestimated. While COVID-19 and the future of local marketing seem perplexing at this time, one thing is certain: businesses have adjusted to this uncertainty with grace, as have customers who have been quick to support their local businesses. As brands continue to grapple with dramatic shifts in demand, consumer behavior, and

The Go-To-Guide For Selecting the Right Enterprise Local Marketing Solution

May 14, 2020|

Potential customers are searching for your services locally, but is your brand being found? In today’s highly competitive local search landscape, having a recognizable brand name, impeccable reputation, and close proximity to customers simply is no longer enough. Now that nearly half of all Google searches taking place are users seeking local information, it’s more important than ever for enterprise brands to have the right tools to help them appear to searchers during their time of need.  This entails finding the right enterprise local marketing partner. Finding a local marketing partner is the quickest and easiest way to help your

Mobile Local Playbook: What You Need to Succeed in 2020 [Whitepaper]

April 23, 2020|

Download the Playbook now Mobile devices have become an integral component of everyday life. In fact, the average consumer spends over 5 hours on their phone and checks it about 58 times daily. During this time, they are browsing social media, searching for answers to immediate questions, and looking for products and services near them via local search.  Increasingly, this behavior has leaked into the physical purchasing process as well. Many customers now continue to use their mobile devices once they have entered a business to check stock availability, compare prices, find deals, and more. Indeed, in-store mobile search queries grown

Go-to Guide for Long-Tail Keywords Strategy For Local Success

April 6, 2020|

Download your free copy here: The vast majority of consumers (over 90%) lookup businesses and products online before setting foot in a store. In order to maintain a competitive local presence, your brand must reach customers where they are looking: search engine results pages (SERPs). But what specific keywords and phrases will bring customers to your business?  High-volume, localized keywords should, of course, play a part of your local search marketing strategy, but in a highly saturated online space, it is vital to focus on lower-volume, long-tail keywords as well. Deploying a long-tail keyword strategy for your local pages and

Local Listings Management: Creating Exceptional Customer Experiences from Search to Sale [Whitepaper]

March 11, 2020|

Did you know that most customers prefer to shop locally? According to findings by Digitas, 93% of customers regularly visit stores within 20 minutes of their location. But even though these stores are a short distance away, 88% of customers still do some online research before making a purchase. In other words, consumers frequently use search engines to find good and services near them. Businesses of all sizes must make the journey from search to sale as seamless as possible, then. This effort begins by maintaining accurate and optimized local listings. Why Local Listing Accuracy Matters The search engine giant,

GMB Updates to Leverage in Your Local Search Strategy [Whitepaper]

February 27, 2020|

Download the free guide now: Google is constantly evolving, and Google My Business (GMB) is no exception. Google's steady cadence for pushing out new updates to better meet the needs of consumers hasn't slowed down this year. To help our clients excel and succeed with their local marketing effort, we stay on top of all GMB updates. This ebook will help you sharpen your 2020 local search strategy and stay on top of the Google updates that matter most. The areas of focus will include: Focus on Action  88% of consumers searching for local businesses on a mobile device either

Guide to GMB for Agencies Part II: A Step-By-Step Guide

February 20, 2020|

In the first part of this two-part guide, we discussed the importance of Google My Business optimization for multi-location organizations. Developing a proper GMB strategy for your clients will improve their online local visibility, search rankings, website clicks and foot traffic. But what does a strong GMB strategy look like at the ground level? And, what actionable steps can agencies take to boost their client’s GMB presence and local SEO performance overall? In part II of our guide to GMB for agencies, we deliver a step-by-step process for cultivating, managing, and optimizing GMB listings for your clients. From claiming your

The Guide to GMB for Agencies Part I: Optimization Tactics

January 29, 2020|

It is no secret that Google leads the online search industry by a significant margin. The brand has become synonymous with discovering every type of information. One might not be aware, however, that nearly half (46%) of all Google searches are aimed locally. Google My Business (GMB), one of Google’s many platforms, is quickly becoming the go-to destination for those seeking local information.  The GMB platform allows businesses to manage and update their local listings and additional information. While every business should stay on top of their GMB presence, multi-location businesses must work especially hard to keep their local GMB

5 Marketing Trends to Watch in 2020 [Whitepaper]

January 8, 2020|

The local marketing landscape is constantly shifting. For multi-location brands to succeed in local search, they must stay up to speed with these shifts and adapt accordingly. As a new year approaches, companies will see the continuation of many current trends as well as the emergence of new ones as technology continues to evolve. Marketing Lessons Learned from 2019 Over the past year, local search marketing experts focused on four key trends that helped to shape their strategies. These were: The increasing value and indispensability of artificial intelligence and automation The growing importance of technical SEO in addition to keyword-based