2018 SERP Feature Optimization for Multi-Location Brands

The days of 10 blue links as a search result are no longer. Today, Google gives searchers a myriad of results in a variety of different formats in response to each user query. As major search engines strive to provide better answers to every user question and need, SERPs (search engine results pages) have grown both in richness and depth. Within this dynamic new search results space, companies relying on outdated SEO methods are left behind.

Within hyper-competitive local markets, prospective customers have the potential to surface any possible combination of social, image, video, map or reviews, as a result to their single search query. The coming year offers excitingly new and expanded opportunities for innovative brands to be found within those moments that matter, through an enhanced SEO strategy that incorporates more SERP features.

This POV will show examples of these SERP features in action. In addition, you’ll learn how and why Google chooses certain business listings and actionable takeaways to improve your local search presence.