Consumers use Google to quickly find information on brands and local businesses, and Google wants to keep them on their platform. With Google My Business (GMB), the search giant has nearly eliminated the need for users to click off the search results page. Instead, all of the information they need, like addresses, phone numbers, and directions, is right in front of them.

Businesses that do not take advantage of Google My Business’ features, or neglect to update their local listings, run the risk of losing potential customers to the competition. On the other hand, utilizing GMB to its fullest potential will boost your local search engine rankings as well as provide consumers with a detailed snapshot of your brand and various locations.

Take Control of Your Brand and Local Listings

As a multi-location brand, you understand the importance of controlling your message. Google My Business gives you the power to do this on multiple fronts. You can select a business category, include a short description (750 words), add images, videos, and posts, respond to reviews, open up messaging features, list FAQs, and much more. Filling out and updating this information on a regular basis will help your potential customers find you in their local search inquiries while also giving them the information they need to make a decision.

Your brand’s message must also be relayed to each of your locations, reflected in each of your GMB listings. Managing all of these locations and ensuring their accuracy requires a proper online listing management solution. The best place to begin is with a local audit from Rio SEO. We will provide you with a report on your local rankings, local listing accuracy, and sentiment analysis for every listing.

Read Our Definitive Guide to GMB for Enterprise Brands

Google My Business should be a major part of every local marketing strategy. That said, with so many features and opportunities packed in, learning the ins and outs of GMB can be difficult. Check out our guide to GMB for enterprise brands for a simple breakdown of everything this platform has to offer, and how best to leverage it for your brand.