Restaurant Ebook


In today’s saturated digital marketplace, awareness, attention, and convenience have become the most valuable currencies for businesses in every industry. This holds especially true for the restaurant industry, which has significantly benefited from recent technology trends. Delivery services like Grubhub and Uber Eats and review platforms like Yelp and Facebook are rapidly changing the way consumers choose which food they will purchase. Today, most people assume that a restaurant will have an online presence that is easy to find and accurate in its information (menu, locations, phone numbers, etc.). Managing online local listings, then, has never been a more important task for food providers than it is today.

Managing Listings, Reviews, and Brand Reputation for Restaurants

Several distinct methods fall under the umbrella of restaurant marketing, and each is designed to increase brand visibility. But for a food provider to be successful, it must understand and utilize all of the marketing strategies at its disposal, including local SEO, outbound marketing, advertising, listing management, and online reputation management. Restaurant owners, franchise leaders, and marketers cannot cut through the competition locally or nationally without incorporating all of these methods for online brand promotion and consumer engagement. Managing online listings, however, is perhaps the most foundational component in this pursuit. Today, not showing up in listings is close to not existing at all.

Read the Definitive Guide to Managing Online Listings for Restaurants

In this eBook, we outline the several components of a successful restaurant marketing campaign, primarily focusing on managing online listings and local search success. Here you will also find information on recent technology trends shaping the industry, the most prominent listing platforms, best practices for managing customer reviews, and building consumer trust. By keeping your listings fresh, responding to online reviews, and optimizing your digital presence, restaurants have a better chance at thriving in this highly competitive space