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Google My Business (GMB) ‘FoodMenus’ help customers learn more about your restaurant’s menu choices. Now, there’s a more structured way to share the specific attributes your menu selections have to offer by submitting your locations’ menu data to GMB via API. 

It is important for restaurant brands to keep menu data up to date in GMB—if you don’t, the wrong information may be displayed to searchers. Google explains, “Both you and your customers can add photos and names of dishes. However, dish names added by you will get precedence over dish names added by customers. You can also suggest an edit if you feel a dish is inaccurate.”

This recent ‘Food Menus’ update indicates that Google is trying to become the source of all menu data and allowing others to not only see it but to pull that data, as well. 

No one knows exactly what the impact of using this markup is yet. However, we can safely assume that this will enable searchers to get better results on more specific restaurant-related queries.

Is My Restaurant Eligible to Upload Food Menus?

According to Google, not all locations are eligible to upload Food Menus. They advise: “To determine a location’s eligibility, call accounts.locations.get to check the locationState. If canHaveFoodMenus is set to true, you’re eligible to upload Food Menus.”

Not sure if your brand is eligible to upload FoodMenus via API? Get in touch with your Rio SEO Account Director and we can help.

What fields and features are available to brands who are eligible to upload FoodMenus?

Check out our cheat sheet for restaurant brands below.
 GMB FoodMenus Attributes

You’ll find more detailed information on the specific markup required for each field and attribute here.

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