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Think Outside the Box

Many multi-location retailers, including three of the largest, rely on Rio SEO to optimize and syndicate their location data. Every day Local Listings accurately syndicates location data for thousands of retail locations, ensuring customers get the right information they need – when they need it. We take local seriously, so it’s no surprise when one of the largest mattress retailers receives a 41% boost in user sessions.

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Specialty Retailers

Mobilizing Search

Charming Charlie, the Leading women’s fashion accessory and specialty retailer, partnered with Rio SEO to boost their mobile search results to attract new customers. Knowing that 76% of people are searching for something nearby on their smartphone, it became essential to boost mobile engagement. The “Inc. Magazine’s Fastest Growing Business” doubled first-page search results within one month using Rio SEO’s Local Pages.

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Seasonal Retailers

Take the Holiday

For multi-location, seasonal retailers, every moment counts. That’s why one national retailer partnered with Rio SEO to ensure that each of its 300+ temporary stores are found. Once a location selected, Rio SEO leveraged multiple solutions to make sure every store topped the search results. Within three months of launch 68% of all locations climbed to the coveted top three search results.

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Multi-Location Franchisors

Local Empowerment

When one of the nation’s largest specialty gift retailers needed marketing tools for their thousands of franchise owners and store managers, they turned to RioSEO. With Local Manager, they empowered their store leaders with tools to announce events, offer coupons and promote sales. The result is a successful integrated approach that drives local customer engagement while maintaining national brand integrity.

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