Consumers are talking and they have much to say about their user experience and engagement with enterprise brands via online reviews. With over 26,380 number of reviews posted every minute on Yelp alone, staying on top of customer opinions and perceptions of each location can prove challenging for multi-location brands.

Review management is a two-fold challenge of monitoring reviews across sites and platforms, and ensuring that responses are timely, meaningful, and consistent across multiple locations. Optimal review management is critical to putting a brand’s best face forward against top competitors, but how can it help their search strategy?

Take the Lead in the Local “Pack”

If your strategy is to increase your ranking in Google’s local pack, then a healthy dose of review management might be the elixir. After all, local reviews are heavily weighted in the local search algorithm, worth 13.3% of organic local pack ranking factors according to a 2017 Search Ranking Report.


*Source: LSA Insider

That’s right, reviews hold as much clout in search results as citations and on-page signals! Reviews are impactful in building local search relevance, a trait most valued by local searchers during those moments of need. Consistent review presence help position your business listing to match consumer searches and verify business information accuracy, which ultimately leads to increased conversions.

Increase Your Return On Insight

Obtaining knowledge is powerful, especially when that information can impact your business and local search strategy. Concise review monitoring and expert analysis are an effective way to mine valuable business data on what drives conversions. If your brand strategy is to build credibility at the local search level, reviews help gauge how your brand weighs in against top competitors and test brand consistency across all locations.

Looking to expand your brand’s territory or product offering? Utilize reviews and consumer star ranking for insight on a product or location’s service shortcomings, as well as suggestions for new features and offerings.

Become the Best of “The Best”

“Near me” searches have skyrocketed over the last couple of years, as consumers on the go increasingly turn to searches on their mobile devices for answers. Consumers that prefer convenience as well as quality will often pair  a “best (insert object/place name)” with their “near me” search. Exactly how do you become a part of the “best near me” crowd in local search? By proactively asking for reviews and cultivating consumer responses.

Review quantity, velocity and diversity provide a comprehensive view of consumer sentiment of your brand. Although a negative review is usually a cause for alarm, a location profile lacking social proof through review activity raises major red flags for trustworthiness. Consumers invest in brands they trust, which makes review diversity, response and publishing methods an integral part of your local search strategy.

Bringing It All Together

Review management is a practical way to boost local search ranking, gain valuable business insight, and increase brand credibility. Actively managing reviews and ratings doesn’t have to require the hiring of another team member. You don’t have to find a new tool to add to your already complicated martech stack.

Instead, utilize a single interface to cleanse and syndicate local listings data, while monitoring and managing reviews and social engagements for brand consistency across all locations. Employ key review management features such as store-by-store rankings, multi-store review request, and response options and empower local owners with the ability to offer rich local content that truly speaks to the local searchers need. Be found during their moment of need – drive the future of local search success with review management.

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This blog was originally posted on LSA Insider.