Facebook Listing Management

73% of U.S. adults visit Facebook every day and two-thirds of those users visit the page of a local business at least once a week. Maintaining your Facebook Page enables the more than 2 billion people on Facebook to discover your business and serves as a digital storefront for your brand. Additionally, Google may index your Page, making it easier for potential customers to find you. Pages allow you to show unique information about your business location, such as your address, phone number, hours, categories, unique username, and more.

Optimize each of your location’s Facebook Page with the help of Rio SEO’s team. Rio SEO will ensure your Facebook Pages are optimized and leverage all potential fields to help you communicate the details your customers are looking for. We will also help you maintain accurate information, whether your business moves to a new location or changes its hours of operations, your Page will stay up-to-date so you never miss a conversion opportunity.

Whether you want to increase your chances to appear in search, add calls to action to encourage people to take specific actions, leverage free tools like Events and Appointments can help you grow your customer base, or communicate directly with customers, Facebook Pages can help elevate your customer’s experience with your brand.

Never miss the opportunity to update your:

  • Business address
  • Business logo
  • Business description
  • Business photos
  • Business posts
  • Cover photo
  • Email address
  • Events
  • Hours of operation
  • Payment Methods Accepted
  • Website URL
  • Videos

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