Structured Data Tips for Highlighting COVID-19 Announcements on Google Search

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Google recently announced that they are providing support for websites to add structured data to COVID-19 announcements. As enterprise brands seek new ways to communicate critical changes to their business operations, we recommend the use of structured data on your local landing pages to better highlight important updates and announcements, such as: Closure notice Travel

Checklist for Maintaining Accurate GMB Listings During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Local businesses around the world are seeking ways to inform their customers of changes to their operations amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Temporary store closures, updates in hours of operation, special hours to accommodate those at high-risk, and remote work have become the norm in recent weeks. As we all continue to navigate through these uncertain

COVID-19 Local Marketing Changes Impacting Multi-Location Businesses (Week of March 23)

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As more local businesses become impacted by COVID-19, search platforms have been hit with a wave of support requests. The need for businesses to reflect accurate listings information to their customers and special services being offered has become a top priority. However, amid a staff shortage, Google has had some difficulty keeping up with the

Navigating the COVID-19 Pandemic: How Multi-Location Brands Can Keep Customers Informed [Webinar Recap]

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As the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic continues to escalate at a global level, businesses around the world have inevitably become affected and now face the challenge of keeping their customers, community, and the general public informed. Providing the most accurate and up-to-date information, including temporary closures, special hours of operation and unique service offerings, are just

Crisis-Proof Your Local Listings: How to Stand Out During Unforeseen Events

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The old adage “expect the unexpected” is ringing true now more than ever. In just the span of a few weeks, a devastating tornado unexpectedly hit the state of Tennesee and the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has created significant concern as it continues to spread globally. Natural disasters and health crises undoubtedly cause disruptions for people