Tracking Dark Social Media: A Light at the End of the Tunnel : ClickZ

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By Angie Pascale If yours is like most brands, you are neglecting nearly three quarters of your social media impact. No, it’s not because your brand isn’t sending photos on Snapchat or that you haven’t exchanged gifts on Impossible. It’s because you aren’t considering “dark social media” channels — email, instant messenger, text message and

Why understanding ‘dark social’ is the key to creating the most effective online advertising mix ” : More About Advertising

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Comment threads, forums, texts and emails account for a growing percentage of social messaging but few marketers incorporate this reality into their online marketing mix. Ben Straley (left) and Thomas Kim from Rio SEO’s software division explain the secrets of ‘dark social.’ The full white paper is here. Marketers today are faced with the challenge of

SEO + Social: The Most Effective Advertising Mix

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How brand marketers can track and amplify “social signals” to improve organic search results – and achieve unprecedented reach, brand lift, and ROI. Marketers today are faced with the challenge of capturing consumers’ attention in an “ad blind” world where most advertising is largely ignored. Instead, consumers now rely mostly