Top 10 Questions About Local Search Answered

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Managing local enterprise SEO is no small undertaking, given the volume of locations involved and the rapid pace at which search engines and consumer preferences change. We get a lot of great questions about local search from newsletter readers and participants in our local marketing webinars, and have compiled their top questions into one resource

Top 5 Rio SEO E-books of 2022

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Each month, Rio SEO publishes long-form content in an e-book, whitepaper, study, or report format. The goal of these content types is to provide a comprehensive breakdown of a particular topic that requires a more in-depth explanation. For example, Google recently announced a large system update known as Google Search’s helpful content system. Given this

Top 5 Rio SEO Webinars of 2022

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Each month Rio SEO hosts monthly webinars to discuss emerging trends, best practices, and original research findings around myriad local search topics. These topics include search engine optimization (SEO), marketing, customer experience, local search, and reputation management. Through these discussions, our goal is to provide attendees with up-to-date recommendations and actionable takeaways from experts in

Top 10 Rio SEO blog posts of 2022

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The end of the year is traditionally a time to reflect on all that's taken place throughout the year. After a few challenging years for many, we largely saw a reprieve in 2022 from the stay-at-home lifestyle we grew accustomed to. Because of this, we also saw large shifts in consumer behavior. From our own

10 Top Takeaways From Google Search On 2022

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Google’s recent Search On 2022 event, its third annual event in this informative series, offered a rare peek into the inner workings of the world’s most popular search engine, particularly how Google is using machine learning to improve the search experience. Google described this event as “going beyond the search box to create multidimensional search

Continuous Scrolling on Google Mobile: What Does it Mean For Brands?

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Google recently announced a major change to the mobile search experience by way of the introduction of continuous scrolling. This new functionality builds on This new functionality builds on the search engine marketshare leader's redesign of the mobile search results page, which began rolling out early in 2021. By removing the natural stopping point that

Google Ordering: A Guide for Enterprise Restaurant Brands

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Google has given restaurants the ability to receive pickup and delivery orders directly from Google Maps, Search, and the Assistant. When activated, searchers can see an “Order Online” button, view your menu, and place an order without ever leaving the search experience. In this post, we’ll explore how this program works, answer the questions we

7 Tips for Consolidating Website Content to Improve SEO

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If you feel your brand has produced an inordinate amount of content over the last several years, you’re not alone. There has been an ongoing push for marketers to produce, publish, and promote more content across various channels as online marketing has become increasingly competitive. As new blog posts, landing pages, videos, and other content

Local Consumer Search Behavior Trends August 2022

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August proved a relatively stable month for enterprise brands as far as local search performance is concerned. While economists and analysts have expressed serious concerns about inflation and the potential for a serious recession, local consumer search behavior trends August 2022 presented exceeded those expectations in many ways. On the local search front, we saw