Local Listings For Service Businesses [E-Book]

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A Complete Guide to Local Listings for Service Businesses  [E-Book] Local listings are an essential part of your brand’s online presence. According to our 2021 Local Search Consumer Behavior Study, 83% of consumers use Google Search to learn more about nearby businesses and 90% make a purchase within a week of their initial search.

4 Ways Data Aggregators Improve Local SEO

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​​Without data aggregators, the local search ecosystem would be vastly different. Manually submitting the information to online citations (which are a huge factor for local SEO rankings) is time-consuming and can take a toll on your business’s resources. This is especially true if you’re a local enterprise brand with multiple storefronts in different cities. Even

5 Tips to Protect Your Google Business Profile Hours From Unwanted Updates

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Have you ever been offput by an initial impression? Whether a person or a business, a first impression can be a lasting impression — both good or bad. As a business, your Google Business Profile (GBP) is essentially the first point of contact most local customers have with your brand. It's your first opportunity to build trust,

Rio 2022 Q1 Product Roundup: Data Exports, Listings Health, and More

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Local marketing best practices continue to evolve with the current state of the industry and as top search platforms advance their functionality. To keep up, local marketing solutions providers, in turn, must adapt and enhance their functionality as well.  Rio SEO’s development team may be behind the scenes but is constantly working to provide the

8 Best Practices For Creating an Exceptional Business Listing Customer Service Experience

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Customer experience is everything, throughout every part of the sales journey and beyond. In fact, 86% of customers have stopped doing business with a company because of a bad experience. Even your most loyal customers could be just one negative experience away from switching to a competitor. Managing and exceeding customer expectations is crucial to

Continuous Scrolling on Google Mobile: What Does it Mean For Brands?

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Google recently announced a major change to the mobile search experience by way of the introduction of continuous scrolling. This new functionality builds on Google’s redesign of the mobile search results page, which began rolling out early in 2021. By removing the natural stopping point that is the “See more” button, Google is enabling searchers

Nested Search Results: Why Google Search Results Are Displaying Indented URLs

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Google is constantly testing new search features and results formats to improve the searcher experience, much in the same way that marketers are constantly testing and adjusting content to rank higher in Google’s search results. One of Google’s search results page (SERP) tweaks, specifically nested search results, caught the attention of the SEO community.  One

Yelp & Google My Business Features for Reopening Business Locations

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To address the struggles businesses were having to connect with their customers and meet the ever-changing consumer demands during the global pandemic, platforms such as Yelp and Google My Business (GMB) developed a series of features to make life easier for all.  As we move onwards with reopening in some areas and potential temporary store