Top 5 Rio SEO Webinars of 2022

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Each month Rio SEO hosts monthly webinars to discuss emerging trends, best practices, and original research findings around myriad local search topics. These topics include search engine optimization (SEO), marketing, customer experience, local search, and reputation management. Through these discussions, our goal is to provide attendees with up-to-date recommendations and actionable takeaways from experts in

2022 Service Businesses Local Consumer Search Behavior Breakdown

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Consumer behavior shifts occur often, given economic changes, current affairs, and other unforeseen disruptions. However, the shifts marketers have seen and experienced over the past two years are a reminder that your local strategy must continually evolve.  Keeping a pulse on how others are performing in your industry is one way to recognize ongoing trends

Local Consumer Search Behavior Trends December 2021

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Each month, we analyze aggregated, anonymized Google Business Profile (GBP) performance data of over 206,000 U.S business locations that use Rio SEO local search software. By breaking out these local metrics – Views, Clicks, and other conversions from Google Search – across different verticals, we can see how local consumer search behavior is trending across

Local Consumer Search Behavior Trends September 2021

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How search volume and conversion actions are trending can help give your own Google My Business (GMB) performance statistics much-needed context. It can also guide your future local marketing efforts. Throughout the pandemic, local businesses have been impacted in myriad ways by public health regulations, COVID-19 outbreaks, and constant shifts in consumer behavior. Search behavior trends

Best Practices for Preparing for Google Search Algorithm Updates

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Google recently announced two back-to-back core updates that rolled out in June and July 2021, as well as the highly anticipated Page Experience update, which is rolling out through August 2021. These Google search algorithm updates are often noticeable to local marketers as they can cause changes to their rankings in search results. Google also

Post-Pandemic Local Search Insights: Searches Up 155%, Clicks to Site Up 52%

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If you’ve noticed that clicks to your website — an important Google My Business conversion metric — are dropping, you’re not alone. This can seem particularly alarming for brands that have transitioned to e-commerce over the course of the pandemic, as lost clicks to site could result in reduced online sales. However, it’s important to

How to Support Your Local Rankings with Organic SEO

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The fact that 97% of consumers use search to find local businesses is old news—that finding from BIA Kelsey dates back to a decade ago now. Yet over the past ten years, the importance of both organic and local search in discovery, engagement, and driving motivated buyers into your locations has only grown. In that

Local Search Marketing with Google Maps [Ebook]

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When managing multiple locations, enterprise brands must focus not only on maintaining a strong brand-wide reputation, but also ensuring the prominence of each of their locations. Google Maps plays a major role in informing local search users of where a business is located, how to get there, and more. Additionally, Google Maps is a key

Local Pages Playbook: How Enterprise Brands Win At Local Search

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Download our Local Pages Playbook We know accurate, up-to-date local listings are critical for discovery for enterprise brands. But how does your brand appear locally for those valuable, non-branded, and longtail search queries? That's where local pages come into play, another key component of any successful enterprise local marketing strategy. Local pages are helping multi-location