2021 Consumer Behavior Study: How COVID-19 Shaped Search Discovery, Buying Intent, and Reputation

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Rio SEO’s 2021 Consumer Behavior Study examined how customer shopping behavior is evolving and aligning with the current climate. Shifts in both in-person and online behavior were noticeable across every vertical, and are proving to be long-lasting as the pandemic continues to disrupt nearly every aspect of our lives. To effectively measure the impact of

Local Consumer Search Behavior Trends July 2021 Update

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Are the consumer behavior patterns you’re seeing in each of your location’s Google My Business (GMB) insights keeping in line with broader industry-wide trends? Benchmarks help give local search insights context, which is why we’ve been sharing GMB insights each month from the 200,000+ U.S. enterprise locations we monitor. This month, we’re adding new benchmarks

5 Research-Backed Recommendations for Local Marketers Post-Pandemic

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The pandemic has without a doubt caused noticeable changes in consumer behavior. During the height of the lockdowns, consumers faced closed stores, reduced hours, and social-distancing requirements. As a result, they started to prioritize essential needs, bought fewer impulse items, and turned to e-commerce to transact. Research conducted by Google in the retail, travel, and

Best Practices for Preparing for Google Search Algorithm Updates

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Google recently announced two back-to-back core updates that rolled out in June and July 2021, as well as the highly anticipated Page Experience update, which is rolling out through August 2021. These Google search algorithm updates are often noticeable to local marketers as they can cause changes to their rankings in search results. Google also

Local Consumer Search Behavior Trends June 2021 Update

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As we continue our monthly evaluation of local search insights, we have new trends to share from the Google My Business (GMB) Insights of over 200,000 U.S. enterprise locations we monitor on an ongoing basis. The most dramatic movements were in the financial services and hotels industry, each experiencing double-digit changes in search volume and

Post-Pandemic Local Search Insights: Searches Up 155%, Clicks to Site Up 52%

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If you’ve noticed that clicks to your website — an important Google My Business conversion metric — are dropping, you’re not alone. This can seem particularly alarming for brands that have transitioned to e-commerce over the course of the pandemic, as lost clicks to site could result in reduced online sales. However, it’s important to

Post-Vaccine Local Consumer Behavior Trends and Tips for Brands

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COVID-19 changed every facet of life for millions globally and disrupted local search trends for the majority of the past year. Businesses were forced to close their brick-and-mortar locations, workplaces went fully remote and consumers were subject to strict stay-at-home orders, and the world turned inward.  Rio SEO has been tracking changes in local search

Google’s MUM Update: What This Means For Local Marketers According to the Experts

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Google recently announced its latest endeavor to revolutionize its Search technology. The forthcoming MUM update (Multitask Unified Model) is expected to significantly improve the search process—delivering better results to queries and giving searchers the answers they need quickly. Google says that with this new technology they’re “getting closer to helping you with complex needs. So

Local Search Discussion: COVID-19’s Impact On Consumer Behavior

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Over the past year, we’ve seen first-hand from our own client data the dramatic and long-lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of these changes are due to drastic shifts in consumer behavior and consumer needs evolving beyond shopping at traditional brick-and-mortar locations.  To more narrowly define the true impact of the pandemic on the