4 Ways Data Aggregators Improve Local SEO

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​​Without data aggregators, the local search ecosystem would be vastly different. Manually submitting the information to online citations (which are a huge factor for local SEO rankings) is time-consuming and can take a toll on your business’s resources. This is especially true if you’re a local enterprise brand with multiple storefronts in different cities. Even

Internal Linking Best Practices for Enterprise Local Brands

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Internal links are incredibly useful and effective, though sometimes complicated, aspect of your SEO strategy. While external backlinks are an effective search engine optimization (SEO) signal, in that they tell search engines, such as Google, others endorse your content, internal linking helps search engines understand the structure, importance, and hierarchy of your content. In its

The Top 5 Things That Can Harm Your Search Rankings

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If you’re reading this, chances are your brand’s customer acquisition strategy relies heavily on search engine optimization (SEO). And, you want to make sure you’re not losing money by leveraging counterintuitive strategies. But, how can you identify practices that may harm your search rankings? One consideration with SEO is Google and other search engines don’t

What Everyone Must Know About Local SEO Solutions

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Local search is an essential marketing channel for businesses of all sizes. Enterprise brands, in particular, face unique challenges in managing an online presence and business listing across many physical locations or service areas. This often raises the concern of how to get in front of a target potential customer in search and Google Maps

2022 Service Businesses Local Consumer Search Behavior Breakdown

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Consumer behavior shifts occur often, given economic changes, current affairs, and other unforeseen disruptions. However, the shifts marketers have seen and experienced over the past two years are a reminder that your local strategy must continually evolve.  Keeping a pulse on how others are performing in your industry is one way to recognize ongoing trends