8 Tips for a Simplified Local SEO Strategy in the New Year

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It’s around this time that we resolve to do things just a little bit better than the year before. By mid-January, most of these resolutions have fallen to the wayside as they are too hard to consistently do. Often, the smartest resolutions aren’t those major changes, but small tweaks, replacing bad habits with good and

6 Local SEO Resolutions for a Prosperous 2017

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Americans are increasingly shopping online but even more, they’re using the web as a tool for product and service discovery, comparison shopping, and finding the most convenient answers to their needs. Make no mistake, traditional retail will remain strong in 2017. Amazon knows – the online retail giant is doubling down on brick and mortar

How Two Multi-Location Brands Increased SEO Benefit and Enhanced Consumer Experience

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The commercial intent of local mobile queries is undeniable. Within a day of using a smartphone to search for products or services nearby, more than half of consumer experiences include a visit to a local store. The local search ecosystem is a great opportunity for local stores to connect, but an incredible challenge for multi-location

Driving Local Revenue With Consumer-Generated Content: Local Marketing Experts Share Best Tips

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Looking to drive local review? It’s getting more and more challenging for brands to ensure they’re being found online in the moments that matter. Increased competition, exploding mobile media consumption and evolving consumer preferences are among the factors driving the need for local marketers to connect on a more meaningful level with their local consumers.

Greg Sterling on What’s Next in Local Search at #LSS2016

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It’s a brave new world in local search marketing services. Emerging technologies offer myriad opportunities to connect with consumers in their moments of need and the volume of available data threatens to overwhelm.  Local marketers are understandably confused about what they should be doing today, let alone where to look next. Greg Sterling, VP of

Winning Shoppers in High Intent Micro-moments Across Channels

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Smartphones have become ubiquitous in the shopping process, from discovery to comparison-shopping to actually completing transactions. The trend to mobile has dramatically and permanently changed the way shoppers look for local business information. People are increasingly searching for local business data while they’re on the go and even while in-store considering a purchase. In fact,

Transforming Mobile Searches Into Sales [Webinar]

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Beacon marketing is all the rage, and why not? A national advertiser can pinpoint a consumer’s precise location inside one of their retail stores. Then they can serve up a highly relevant ad in response to their mobile searches. How fantastic is that? Oh yes, beacons have generated a lot of hype -- especially for