What’s New in Local SEO for 2017

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As Google’s Juan Felipe Rincon emphasized again for us at Rio SEO's third-annual Local Search Summit 2017, updates to the search giant’s constantly evolving algorithms are typically designed with one core mission in mind: to improve the experience of search for users and offer the best answers. It makes sense then that traditional SEO signals are

SSL/HTTPS Is No Longer Just About Internet Security: It Now Impacts SEO/UX

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As much as we’d love to make this blog post fun and festive, security is serious business. The media has covered website security and encryption extensively in the media in recent months. This resulted from large corporations and government departments being hacked and mined for personal information. Safety protocols are not only good for business,

Going Local with Google at Rio SEO’s Local Search Summit 2015 – #LSS2015

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Last week in sunny San Diego, Community Manager for Google My Business Jade Wang opened Rio SEO’s Local Search Summit conference with an information-packed keynote for local and multi-location marketers. Wang launched her Going Local with Google presentation at Local Search Summit by identifying Google’s goals in local search: to help searchers discover new places and