Serving Rich Local Results with Mary Bowling at #LSS2017

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As search results get more and more crowded, it’s more important than ever to stand out. How can you break through the noise and prove to Google that your location’s result should feature prominently on a local query? Search expert Mary Bowling shared her five steps to standing out in the SERPs via richer, more

Mastering the New Google My Business API: A Guide for Enterprise Brands

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In mid-December, Google launched its new Google My Business API, allowing brands and developers alike to automate the management of their business listings without the need for bulk files and tedious spreadsheets. Now, local marketers can create and edit locations via the API, but also manage special hours, control access at the local level, set

Local SEO Impact of Google’s Updated 3-Pack

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Earlier this month, Google modified the map results to render three local business results rather than the seven that have graced desktop local search for the past several years. The ‘map pack’ terminology used by the search community has been degraded to ‘stack pack,’ ‘snack pack’ for restaurants or for those more upset at the