WOMMA: Owned, Paid, Earned: More than the Sum of their Parts

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One of the things I’ve been pondering lately revolves around the digital marketing and social media buzz words:  Owned, Paid and Earned. While these words imply different channels, marketer relationships with those channels, media formats, their audience reach and persona types, I believe it is time to stop considering them mutually exclusive silos.

Tracking Dark Social Media: A Light at the End of the Tunnel : ClickZ

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By Angie Pascale If yours is like most brands, you are neglecting nearly three quarters of your social media impact. No, it’s not because your brand isn’t sending photos on Snapchat or that you haven’t exchanged gifts on Impossible. It’s because you aren’t considering “dark social media” channels — email, instant messenger, text message and

SEO + Social: The Most Effective Advertising Mix

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Ben Straley / VP of Social Technologies, Rio SEO We recently published a whitepaper confirming that the connections between search and social are clearly growing stronger.  As people engage with and share content more frequently, these actions and the embedded back links they include are sending signals to the search engines.  These signals are seen by

Measuring Your Content Marketing Efforts with Rio SEO Social Analytics

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Campmor, an in store and online camping gear and equipment retailer based in the Northeast, has been busy with its online marketing efforts this summer. Google featured a case study on Campmor’s dynamic remarketing success in May, and since then, Campmor has completed another digital marketing test to enhance its content strategy and provide more

Social Audience Marketing 101

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Earned media can deliver great value to marketers and the brands they work for; it expands and extends the impact of paid and owned media and improves marketing results. Up to 70% of the visitors to any campaign site come from Social Sharing. Social visitors, those who come via sharing,