Personalized Local Content: Frightful or Insightful

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Consumers increasingly search online for local products and services and continue to purchase at brick and mortar stores. National brands with multiple local operations often face challenges in delivering localized content for both searcher and search engines. Moreover, delivering a targeted, personalized and relevant experience remains a challenge. Taking advantage

Transforming Mobile Searches into Sales The Hype Around Beacon Technology: DMD Whitepaper

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By using beacon technology, a national advertiser is able to pinpoint a consumer’s precise location in a store, serving up a highly relevant ad in response to a mobile search. For digital marketers, this is the ultimate game changer. This whitepaper explores the latest insights and tactics enterprise brands are using to convert online searches to

The Mobile Local Playbook: Make Sure You’re Mobile-Ready

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With mobile devices influencing just under $1 trillion worth of in-store sales, businesses that lag behind on mobile marketing do so at their peril. Those that embrace it, providing quality content and a seamless user experience, will position themselves ahead of the curve, adding value to their brand and a

How to Maximize Local Search Traffic This Holiday Season

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Online holiday shopping has become a retail phenomenon, with 2014 Cyber Monday sales projected to reach $2.6 billion, according to the Adobe Digital Index. With more and more consumers utilizing their mobile devices to search online for the best deals and sales offers, many marketers are optimizing their local search

Best Practices for Optimizing Local SEO and the User Experience across Multiple Screens: DMD Whitepaper

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Mobile devices now represent one-quarter of global Internet use; mobile search accounts for one-third of all search. Perhaps even more important for search marketers, nearly 80 percent of local searches on mobile devices turn into purchases, and almost 90 percent of those purchases are made in a physical store, according to comScore research sponsored

SEO + Social: The Most Effective Advertising Mix

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Ben Straley / VP of Social Technologies, Rio SEO We recently published a whitepaper confirming that the connections between search and social are clearly growing stronger.  As people engage with and share content more frequently, these actions and the embedded back links they include are sending signals to the search engines.  These signals are seen by