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The vast majority of consumers (over 90%) lookup businesses and products online before setting foot in a store. In order to maintain a competitive local presence, your brand must reach customers where they are looking: search engine results pages (SERPs). But what specific keywords and phrases will bring customers to your business? 

High-volume, localized keywords should, of course, play a part of your local search marketing strategy, but in a highly saturated online space, it is vital to focus on lower-volume, long-tail keywords as well. Deploying a long-tail keyword strategy for your local pages and content enables each of your locations to win their place in SERPs and achieve highly-coveted featured snippets.

Though long-tail keywords aren’t actually named after their word-length but rather their search volume, they do usually feature three or more words. Due to their increased specificity, long-tail keywords are less commonly searched than their counterparts. And yet, the majority of search terms out there are long-tail keywords. Indeed, 92% of the 1.9 billion search terms in Ahrefs’ US database are long-tail keywords that get fewer than 10 searches per month. In other words, while long-tail local search terms are searched less frequently than short-tail keywords, their combined influence is powerful.

Brands with several locations can benefit greatly from the use of long-tail keywords. For one thing, these keywords are less competitive, so a business is more likely to capture local search visibility when using them. By incorporating long-tail phrases in their content, brands also face improved chances of winning Google’s featured snippets, which appear at the very top of a SERP. Long-tail keywords also deliver deeper search intent matches, which helps online users find exactly what they’re looking for. This specificity can lead to higher conversion rates. And finally, utilizing long-tail keywords organically makes your content more conversational and engaging, which is of growing importance as voice search becomes more and more common.

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