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Serve the most relevant information to customers 

Customers are searching for restaurants at a staggering pace. In fact, “brunch near me”, “bars near me”, and “buffet near me” are ranked among the top search terms. Surface your restaurant brand in the Search Engine Results Pages the next time a hungry customer is searching for your brand or cuisine by partnering with Rio SEO to power your restaurant’s business listings, menu syndication, and online ordering. 

Seamlessly boost online sales 

Syndicate menus

Eliminate friction in your customer’s path to purchase. Control your menu data and syndicate it to your preferred foodservice directories all from a single interface. 

Promote online ordering and delivery

Bring together all your preferred sites, apps, POS systems, national and regional delivery marketplaces, and customer loyalty platforms. 

Improve customer lifetime value 

Turn anonymous guests into loyal superfans through data-driven and personalized loyalty programs, offers, and campaigns. 

Highlight your attributes

Prominently showcase which of your restaurants have delivery as an option by syncing your attributes with popular third-party sites. 

We’re everywhere your hungry customers are

Your biggest challenges meet our best solutions

Online ordering

Fuel your customer’s food journey 

Get in touch and we’ll take you on a personalized tour of all the ways Rio SEO can help your restaurant brand increase visibility with local marketing solutions. 

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