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13 Stats that Show How Online Consumer Engagement Drives Offline Sales

July 15, 2019|

Online shopping still makes up a large portion of consumer activity, but offline shopping does not appear to be going anywhere. Indeed, local searches dominate the consumer landscape, with 93% of consumers shopping at stores less than 20 minutes away from them. See our infographic for more eye-opening stats on local search and sales

Your Summer Retail Checklist: Get Your Multi-Location Brands Ready for Warmer Temps with Consumer Engagement Marketing

July 9, 2019|

Summer is here, and people are gearing up to enjoy the longer days, warmer weather and seasonal activities for as long as the season lasts. If you manage a multi-location retail business, summer can mean many things, such as changes in hours, increases in consumer activity and a shift in demand for certain seasonal items. This summer, use this checklist to better engage your customers and boost your seasonal sales.

Local Links Connect You with Better Local Rankings

June 26, 2019|

What you will learn in this post: Why and how to audit your site’s backlink profile How to identify and leverage opportunities for local link building The importance of community outreach for improved link equity and local SEO Your website’s local and organic search rankings depend on a number of factors, but backlinks remain one of the most powerful search engine optimization (SEO) signals of them all. In fact, Moz’s 2018 Local Search Ranking report lists backlinks as the second strongest local ranking factor (behind Google My Business) and the top organic ranking factor. If you are a local online

Local Marketing Experts Share Insight & Tips for Brands in Live AMA

June 23, 2019|

Your Greatest Local Marketing Questions: Answered If you could ask an SEO expert anything to help solve your brand’s search challenges and improve online performance, what would it be? We recently invited multi-location enterprises and marketers to “Ask Us Anything” in a live webinar and fielded questions on everything from getting multiple locations to rank in the same city, the value of marking up your local content with schema, dealing with difficult Google My Business verifications and much, much more. Our three knowledgeable search experts tackled SEO and GMB questions from enterprise brands looking to solve persistent issues and make

How Multi-Location Brands Can Secure Position Zero

June 19, 2019|

In the world of search engine rankings, zero is better than one. These featured snippets show up above all other search results, making them the new most desirable top-ranked spot. Securing position zero allows brands to not only boost their visibility in text and voice queries, but also establish their authority. Learn how your brand can secure the coveted position zero for online searches.

6 Effective Ways for Multi-location Brands to Boost Search Engine Visibility through Local Listings

June 5, 2019|

Managing your online local listings as a multi-location brand is both an art and a science. The landscape for how consumers find (and refer) businesses continues to change at a furious pace. The good news: There is an ever-growing list of digital resources that can help prospective customers find nearby locations of large organizations, and it extends beyond search engine giants like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Here are some tips on how your brand can boost search engine visibility through local listings.

Rio SEO and ClickZ Share Local SEO Tool Tips for Multi-Location Marketers

May 28, 2019|

In a recent webinar with Tyler Ludwig, Director of Enterprise Solutions at Rio SEO, and Colin Seymour, Director of Business Development at Rio SEO, participants learned how to do just that. Tyler and Colin explored how technology is dictating the consumer journey, what essentials are needed for a broad local presence, how to add consumer utility on your site (and why it matters), and more.

How to Update Your GMB Listing When You Move, Buy or Sell a Business

May 23, 2019|

When looking for local goods and services, consumers want to experience as little friction as possible. Utilizing Google My Business (GMB) to manage your listings helps streamline this process, bringing more eyeballs and foot traffic to your location. Fortunately, updating your listings is straightforward with GMB. To help get you started, here are the steps you should take if you are moving, buying or selling.