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Local Consumer Search Behavior Trends September 2021

October 21, 2021|

How search volume and conversion actions are trending can help give your own Google My Business (GMB) performance statistics much-needed context. It can also guide your future local marketing efforts. Throughout the pandemic, local businesses have been impacted in myriad ways by public health regulations, COVID-19 outbreaks, and constant shifts in consumer behavior. Search behavior trends September presented were no different. That’s why we’ve been analyzing local consumer search behavior across the over 200,000 GMB accounts we monitor for enterprise clients across the U.S.  These insights can help you understand whether the rise and fall you’re seeing in your own GMB

Nested Search Results: Why Google Search Results Are Displaying Indented URLs

October 12, 2021|

Google is constantly testing new search features and results formats to improve the searcher experience, much in the same way that marketers are constantly testing and adjusting content to rank higher in Google’s search results. One of Google’s search results page (SERP) tweaks, specifically nested search results, caught the attention of the SEO community.  One user asked in Sterling Sky’s Local Search Forum:  “Has anybody else been noticing the change in how some of the Google organic results are occasionally displaying with one of the SERPs having directly below it, an indented result with a second result from the same

7 Image Optimization Tips for Google My Business Photos

October 7, 2021|

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. When it comes to local search and driving online traffic in your doors, a picture can be worth even more. In a 2019 evaluation of over half a million images on 15,191 Google My Business (GMB) listings, BrightLocal found that: GMB listings with more than 100 images get 520% more calls than the average business. GMB listings with more than 100 images get 2,717% more direction requests than average. GMB listings with more than 100 images get 1,065% more clicks to website. The study also found that GMB listings with more

Latino-Owned Attribute Added to Google My Business

October 6, 2021|

Each autumn, Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates Hispanic Americans who’ve inspired others to achieve success. This year, Google took extra steps to support the Latino community with free tools, skills training, and hands-on coaching, as well as the launch of a Latino-owned attribute on Google My Business (GMB). The assistance comes at a crucial time for the Latino business community, as 32% of Latino-owned businesses were forced to close during COVID-19. It’s not all bad news, though. Research from the Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative shows that the number of Latino business owners has grown by 34% over the last 10 years,

How the Google My Business Product Approval Process Works

September 30, 2021|

Having a firm understanding of the Google My Business Product approval process can ensure a seamless launch and mitigate potential issues. In this blog post, we will explore the Google My Business (or better know as GMB) product approval process as well as the benefits of adding your products to your local listings. GMB Products are an excellent way to feature your brand’s products and services in local search results, drive customer interactions, and convert online searchers to buyers. As online shopping preferences continue to accelerate, with e-commerce sales predicted to grow 17.9% YoY by the end of 2021, brands

2021 Consumer Behavior Study: How COVID-19 Shaped Search Discovery, Buying Intent, and Reputation

September 23, 2021|

Rio SEO’s 2021 Consumer Behavior Study examined how customer shopping behavior is evolving and aligning with the current climate. Shifts in both in-person and online behavior were noticeable across every vertical, and are proving to be long-lasting as the pandemic continues to disrupt nearly every aspect of our lives. To effectively measure the impact of COVID-19 on searching and shopping behaviors, we conducted a survey among 1000+ US-based consumers in order to shed light on: How consumers are conducting online searches The impact of reviews and ratings on a consumer’s decision-making process Which platforms are most frequently used as part

Local Consumer Search Behavior Trends August 2021 Update

September 22, 2021|

Aggregate local search trends give us valuable insight into how consumer behavior is trending month over month — and now, year over year — in light of a litany of influencing and interruptive factors. Each month, we examine local consumer search behavior across the over 200,000 Google My Business (GMB) accounts we monitor for enterprise clients across the U.S. We’re looking at combined rates for total searches, total views, total clicks, and specific local conversion actions such as click to call, click to website, and click for driving directions. You can use these insights as benchmarks for your own brand’s

Apple Maps Reviews: What this Means for Multi-Location Businesses

September 15, 2021|

Last September, Apple gave local customers a new way to leave feedback about the stores, restaurants, and other businesses they visited with the launch of the Apple Maps rating system. Local consumers could give a thumbs up or down, as well as share photos to help others understand the type of experience they might expect to have at that location. Now, we’re seeing that Apple has added a secondary level to its review functionality by enabling customers to leave a thumbs up or down for specific aspects of the experience. The options available vary by business category and include: Customer

Google Title Tags Update: What Enterprise Marketers Need to Know

September 9, 2021|

Following industry buzz around why and how title tags were sometimes appearing differently than intended in search results, Google confirmed it is rewriting title tags. In An update to how we generate web page titles, a recent post on the Google Search Central Blog, Google’s Search Liaison Danny Sullivan explains: “Last week, we introduced a new system of generating titles for web pages. Before this, titles might change based on the query issued. This generally will no longer happen with our new system. This is because we think our new system is producing titles that work better for documents overall,

Google’s Link Spam Update: What It Means for Enterprise Brands

September 8, 2021|

Google completed rolling out its link spam update on August 24, 2021, according to Google Search Central. Google notes that this particular update was part of its continued efforts to improve the quality of search results for its users, which is the underlying motivation for pretty much every algorithm update, such as the recent Page Experience update which also completed rolling out on September 2, 2021. In this post, you’ll learn what the link spam update entails, what Google aims to achieve, and why the update matters for enterprise and multi-location brands. What is the Link Spam Update? The link