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Benefits of Facebook Local Marketing: Go-To-Guide

May 25, 2022|

When we think of local search, we often think about Google. However, a local search may extend to a social media platform as well. Facebook is not only a social media network but also an essential platform for local business discoverability and reaching your target audience online. Each of your brand locations' Facebook Business Page also presents an opportunity to communicate and share offers with current customers, which is why Facebook local marketing cannot be ignored. Having a robust Facebook presence for each of your brand’s locations can help you not only appear in search, where people are looking specifically

Local Consumer Search Behavior Trends April 2022

May 23, 2022|

How does your local search performance stack up against other brands like yours? Each month, we analyze aggregate Google Business Profile (GBP)  insights from over 170,000 enterprise brand locations that use Rio SEO’s solutions for their local marketing needs. How these metrics trend offers a unique look into how local consumer behavior is impacting search views, volume, and listing conversion actions.  Google Business Profiles are one of the heaviest weighted local search ranking factors and as such, are an essential tool for engaging and converting local customers. Comparing your brand’s GBP performance against these benchmarks adds important context about what’s

Solving The Mystery Behind Measuring Local Marketing Success

May 23, 2022|

Who else wants to know the mystery behind measuring local marketing success? Measuring the success of your local marketing campaign performance can be a difficult task even for the most seasoned of marketers. Measurement becomes increasingly burdensome when tasked with providing tangibile proof of performance at scale. Traditional marketing metrics--such as leads, conversions, and searches-- all tie into how customers are engaging with you business, but what metrics are most important to measure? To answer this question, we turned to a panel of digital marketing gurus and veteran search engine optimization (SEO) experts to gather their insights. Our panel included:

What Everyone Must Know About Local SEO Solutions

May 19, 2022|

Local search is an essential marketing channel for businesses of all sizes. Enterprise brands, in particular, face unique challenges in managing an online presence and business listing across many physical locations or service areas. This often raises the concern of how to get in front of a target potential customer in search and Google Maps to drive foot traffic, bookings, or sales in many different local markets. Local SEO solutions can help by making quicker work of managing online reviews, social media platforms, search engine optimization, and other facets of the online user experience at scale. In this article, you'll

Do Unconfirmed Google Algorithm Updates Really Matter?

May 17, 2022|

If you've suddenly lost traffic to key web pages and can’t find a reason for it, you may need to consider whether your website has been impacted by unconfirmed Google algorithm updates. Google updates its algorithms constantly and most of the time, these happen quietly without any official confirmation by the search engine. While many SEO experts estimate that Google changes its algorithm about 500 to 600 times in a year, Google let us know it updated its search algorithm 4,500 times in 2020 alone. Why do these updates happen so often? The Google Search index contains hundreds of billions

INFOGRAPHIC: How Brands Can Boost Their Local Web Presence

May 16, 2022|

Your local web presence is a powerful driving force behind business growth. This can be proven by the fact that more than 46% of the searches on Google have local intent. If your brand is not optimized to appear in the local search, you are missing out on the opportunity to convert nearby local customers. To help your brand boost your local presence to rise in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and never miss another chance to acquire a new customer, we’ve created the following comprehensive guide and infographic. How Brand Can Optimize Their Local Web Presence in 2022

The Effect of Duplicate Content on SEO for Multi-Location Brands

May 2, 2022|

We know that Google and other search engines want to show searchers reputable, relevant, and up-to-date content to help meet their needs. You've no doubt heard of the importance of uniqueness and originality in that piece of content, too. And yet duplicate content occurs in a number of different ways, not all of them malicious or even negative in nature. It's a reality for businesses of all sizes, but even more common particularly for enterprise brands and those with multiple locations. What is the true impact of duplicate content on SEO and does it negatively impact your search ranking? In

Local SEO Spring Cleaning 101: SEO, Content, and Technical Issues to Fix

April 22, 2022|

Spring has sprung, and there is no better time than now to revisit and revamp your local presence. Just as you’d deep clean your house or plant your garden for spring (and hopefully at least a few other times of the year), your SEO strategy needs routine maintenance too, and refreshing to yield long-term results. Your local SEO spring cleaning can start today, with the strategies shared during our recent webinar. To help your business improve your local rankings, rise in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS), and start spring off right we assembled a panel of local marketing and

Local Consumer Search Behavior Trends March 2022

April 19, 2022|

March brought with it a nice bounce-back across almost every vertical and metrics we track in our monthly analysis of aggregate Google Business Profile Insights for over 177,000 enterprise brand locations. The downward trend we observed in January and February has begun to reverse, an indicator we may finally be seeing the impacts of the Omicron variant lessen.  California was one of the last states to remove indoor mask mandates on February 15 (and March 12 for schools, child care, and unvaccinated individuals). With that said, Philadelphia just became the first major U.S. city to reinstate an indoor mask mandate,

2022 Multi-Family Residential Local Consumer Search Behavior Breakdown

April 19, 2022|

Consumer behavior shifts occur often, given economic changes, current affairs, and other unforeseen disruptions. However, the shifts seen in multi-family residential local consumer search behavior over the past two years are a reminder that your local strategy must continually evolve.  Keeping a pulse on how others are performing in your industry is one way to recognize ongoing trends and benchmark your success. That’s why each year, we release an annual study on how COVID-19 and other external factors impact Google Search trends for enterprise brands.  download the study Methodology Used in the Study In the study, Rio SEO analyzed