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Best Practices for Preparing for Google Search Algorithm Updates

July 29, 2021|

Google recently announced two back-to-back core updates that rolled out in June and July 2021, as well as the highly anticipated Page Experience update, which is rolling out through August 2021. These Google search algorithm updates are often noticeable to local marketers as they can cause changes to their rankings in search results. Google also recently announced the upcoming MUM update, which will help deliver even more relevant results for complex search queries. With the bevy of recent Google updates, many businesses are wondering how they can better prepare for these and future updates. And, what action, if any, do

Local Consumer Search Behavior Trends June 2021 Update

July 28, 2021|

As we continue our monthly evaluation of local search insights, we have new trends to share from the Google My Business (GMB) Insights of over 200,000 U.S. enterprise locations we monitor on an ongoing basis. The most dramatic movements were in the financial services and hotels industry, each experiencing double-digit changes in search volume and conversion metrics. While hotels enjoyed a resurgence in local online interest, banks and other financial services brands saw a noticeable reduction in every metric. That’s not necessarily bad news for those locations, though. Read on to learn the consumer search behavior trends June presented, across 7

Post-Pandemic Local Search Insights: Searches Up 155%, Clicks to Site Up 52%

July 26, 2021|

If you’ve noticed that clicks to your website — an important Google My Business conversion metric — are dropping, you’re not alone. This can seem particularly alarming for brands that have transitioned to e-commerce over the course of the pandemic, as lost clicks to site could result in reduced online sales. However, it’s important to bear in mind that 2020 impacted local search data in ways that must be factored into any marketing performance evaluation. Over the past nine months, we’ve tracked month-over-month changes in local consumer search behavior and also recently released a study of aggregate GMB performance data

Is More Content Better for Enterprise SEO? Does Longer Content Perform Better?

July 19, 2021|

You’ve probably heard a lot of conflicting information about your content strategy and how it supports search engine optimization (SEO).  Many brands are asking themselves the same questions: How long should each piece of content be? Does Google prefer more or fewer web pages per site? How often should we be publishing new content? In this post, we’ll tackle some of the commonly held beliefs and misconceptions about content for enterprise SEO. You’ll learn best practices for your enterprise content strategy today and get up to date on the latest developments in SEO. Does longer content perform better in Google

Google’s July 2021 Core Update: What Brands Need to Know

July 13, 2021|

Google has confirmed that its most recent core update began rolling out July 1. These core updates typically take two weeks to complete, and during that time, some sites may see fluctuations in their Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) rankings. What does this mean for enterprise organizations? In this article, you’ll learn about core updates, what you can expect from the July 2021 Core Update, and how to stay on top of search engine optimization (SEO) best practices. What is a Core Google Search Update? Several times a year, Google makes significant, broad changes to its search algorithms and systems.

Optimized Core Web Vitals vs. AMP: Do Brands Still Need AMP?

July 7, 2021|

This past year, SEO and digital marketing circles have been buzzing with news and speculation about the impending launch of Google’s Core Web Vitals. But just a few short years ago, Accelerated Mobile Pages (now known simply as AMP) were all the rage. Each of these initiatives can dramatically improve page speed, which has some marketers questioning — do we still need AMP if we’re optimizing for Core Web Vitals? In this post, you’ll learn: The difference between Core Web Vital scores and AMP validated pages The benefits and drawbacks of both Core Web Vitals vs AMP validated pages Is

Apple Maps iOS 15 Updates: What Multi-Location Brands Can Expect

June 29, 2021|

Recently, Google announced a bevy of new features and enhancements coming soon to Google Maps. These updates intend to improve the user experience, enabling users to find their desired destination more seamlessly.  Not to be outdone by their competitor, Apple Maps similarly made an equally impactful announcement regarding new updates coming to iOS 15. The Apple Maps iOS15 updates will bring more detailed maps, improvements to pedestrian navigation, and more accurate navigation. These improvements to the maps experience have rolled out in the U.S., U.K., Ireland, Canada, Spain, and Portugal. They will roll out to Australia and Italy later this

Post-Vaccine Local Consumer Behavior Trends and Tips for Brands

June 23, 2021|

COVID-19 changed every facet of life for millions globally and disrupted local search trends for the majority of the past year. Businesses were forced to close their brick-and-mortar locations, workplaces went fully remote and consumers were subject to strict stay-at-home orders, and the world turned inward.  Rio SEO has been tracking changes in local search behavior month-by-month and has noticed new trends as more people receive vaccines and global restrictions start to ease. You can find the latest trends here.  In this post, we’ll look specifically at the trends among those local consumers who’ve received their vaccines and are ready