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4 Industries Where Reviews Have the Biggest Impact on Revenue

March 28, 2023|

Reviews and recommendations go a long way in driving decision-making with potential customers. Additionally, they impact each location’s online visibility since Google ranks review signals highly in the Local Pack algorithm. In fact, review signals were among the top three local pack/finder ranking factors in Whitespark’s 2023 Local Search Ranking Factors study for all industries. Today, the average person reads six reviews before visiting a business, and Google is the most trusted platform when consumers evaluate their local business options, according to our own research. Reviews are either a great opportunity or a liability for your brand – but they

2023 Local Consumer Search Behavior Breakdown: Key Findings and Everything You Need to Know

March 23, 2023|

Local consumer search behavior is fickle and fleeting. It's largely influenced on a combination of key factors which may include economic conditions, trends, marketing strategies, cultural influences, and personal preferences. For example, economic conditions such as potential lay offs during a recession or fluctuations in prices can greatly impact consumer behavior. During times of economic uncertainty, such as we are currently experiencing in this very moment, consumers may be more cautious with their discretionary spending and prioritize essential items over other goods. For industries like hospitality and restaurants, which are reliant on discretionary spending, this can lead to massive downward

Why Your Google Business Profile Website Link Matters for Your Customer’s Experience

March 20, 2023|

Google Business Profile offers a plethora of conversion opportunities for brands. One field that a business can leverage is the website field. This helps guide customers down the sales funnel and click through to your website of choice. However, when a business has multiple different locations a common question we receive is how can a multi-location business best use the Google Business Profile website link for each of its locations. Brands want to know if they should list their corporate website or a local page as the website local searchers will click to visit. In this post, we’ll take a

Boost Your Local SEO with Location Page Schema: A Complete Guide

March 14, 2023|

Structured data is a standardized way of providing information in addition to the actual content of the page to help search engines, like Google, better understand it. Google says these “explicit clues” about the page’s content, communicated via schema markup, also help make search results more engaging to users via rich results. This is particularly important for businesses with multiple locations, in which case location page schema would be applied to differentiate each location's landing page. Having a firm understanding of how to use structured data and specifically schema markup to help achieve these outcomes can help your business improve

Google’s Product Reviews Updates: Boost Your Business with Trustworthy Feedback

March 13, 2023|

On February 23, 2023, Google announced the rollout of its latest product reviews updates. This is the sixth iteration of Google’s latest guidelines for product review content. Google made the official announcement via its Search Central Twitter account: Today we released the February 2023 product reviews update, which applies to these languages globally: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Russian, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish. It'll take ~2 weeks to fully roll out. More here: — Google Search Central (@googlesearchc) February 21, 2023 In this post, you’ll find a complete breakdown of what this latest Product Reviews update – and

Transforming Content Creation with Machine Learning: Google’s Official Stance On the AI Revolution

March 8, 2023|

Since ChatGPT upended the marketing scene in November 2022, marketers have been scrambling to figure out the best ways to use conversational AI in SEO. The great debate began, can AI be used for the purpose of content creation? The ambiguity surrounding Google's official stance on the AI revolution and content creation with machine learning has become more clear. In early February 2023, Google shared new guidance about AI content on its Developer’s blog. The new information contains clearer direction for SEOs and marketers wondering how to use conversational AI technologies, like ChatGPT. In this post, we’ll look at precisely

Maximize Your Online Presence and Reach with the Power of Google Business Profile API

March 2, 2023|

There comes a time in each enterprise brand’s local marketing strategy when you outgrow manual location listing management, and sometimes even bulk uploads for some tasks. Google’s Business Profile Application Programming Interface (API) is built specifically for multi-location brands and enterprises for simplified location management at scale. This isn’t another tool or dashboard for your marketing team to add to their stack. Rather, the Google Business Profile (GBP) API enables developers to write applications that make it far easier, faster, and less resource-intensive for enterprise and multi-location brands to keep their Google local listings up to date. Additionally, partners like

Navigating the Top Google Algorithm Updates: Unlocking the Secrets of Search

March 1, 2023|

As a marketer, the great mystery behind Google’s consistent algorithm updates can be both frustrating and intriguing at the same time. Google typically announces large algorithm updates in advance which, in turn, prompts discussion and speculation among SEOs and website owners. This can lead to misinformation, confusion, and false guidance. It’s crucial to pinpoint how these updates impact your organic search visibility to ensure you maximize your website’s reach to its fullest potential. While we can’t know what algorithm update will come next, we can revisit the abundance of previous updates to identify common patterns and predict how Google Search

How to Use Organic SEO to Rank in Google’s Local 3-Pack

February 21, 2023|

Improving local search visibility in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) unequivocally remains a challenge for the majority of businesses. To start, building a robust online presence requires persistence, patience, and continous dedication. The challenge grows ten-fold when managing hundreds or thousands of locations globally, or operating with lean digital marketing teams. We regularly participate in and host monthly webinars around myriad marketing topics. Topics range from Google local search best practices, content strategy, industry news, and much more. We had the opportunity to participate in the Local Search Association’s webinar, How to Use Organic SEO to Rank in Google’s

Streamline Your Restaurant Goals with Reserve with Google: The Ultimate Reservation Solution

February 20, 2023|

Eighty-nine percent of people research restaurants online before visiting the establishment, booking a table, or placing an order. Establishing a solid presence online and utilizing every available feature possible to get leads from Google can make a significant difference in a restaurant's bottom line. Google has developed different tools and features that enable restaurant owners to provide all the necessary information about their menu offerings, atmosphere, and more via Google Business Profiles for each restaurant location. For local diners, this means they can check out menus, message the restaurant, place orders, search by restaurant-specific attributes and even book a table