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What’s New in Local SEO for 2017

As Google’s Juan Felipe Rincon emphasized again for us at Rio SEO's third-annual Local Search Summit 2017, updates to the search giant’s constantly evolving algorithms are typically designed with one core mission in mind: to improve the experience of search for users and offer the best answers. It makes sense then that traditional SEO signals are making a comeback in building local visibility. *Statistics provided by 2017 Moz Local Ranking Signals Report How can you improve your local strategy in 2017, and where should you focus next? Local SEO – The Importance of Proximity Depending on the query type,

Serving Rich Local Results with Mary Bowling at #LSS2017

As search results get more and more crowded, it’s more important than ever to stand out. How can you break through the noise and prove to Google that your location’s result should feature prominently on a local query? Search expert Mary Bowling shared her five steps to standing out in the SERPs via richer, more engaging results at our recent Local Search Summit 2017 in San Diego. 1. Know Your SERPs Who dominates the search results for queries relevant to your business? Are these results from media, your competitors, directories, or other sources? Search is a zero-sum game; as one

Top Tools for Smarter Voice Search Optimization: #LSS2017

Author, consultant and marketer extraordinaire Travis Wright from CCP Digital gave a presentation at #LSS2017 that blew participants’ minds. On top of his inarguable wit and an entertaining deck (complete with John Travolta as Vincent Vega cameo), Travis shared over 150 digital marketing tools that can help you grow sales through smarter search, social and content strategy. Given the meteoric rise of voice search as a preferred method of solving consumer needs, we wanted to share the top tools from Travis’s list that can help you optimize for verbal queries. Here are 10 tools to check out if you want

15 Expert Voice Search & Local Content Optimization Tips from #LSS2017

Dema Zlotin kicks off #LSS2017 Last week, forward-looking marketers gathered in San Diego to explore new and emerging local marketing trends, tactics and technologies. This third annual invitation-only Local Search Summit (LSS2017) hosted by Rio SEO was all about accelerating local; on using the smartest omni-channel marketing practices to tap into the massive potential of intelligent agents, mobile-social marketing, and voice search in local markets. The audience of multi-location brand executives and the agencies that work with them heard from Google, Bing, Rio SEO, iProspect, Forrester Research, Bazaarvoice, MapQuest, Gigasavvy and more over two days of presentations and interactive

The Greatest Omnichannel Challenges Marketers Face Today

Now that consumers are largely comfortable shopping online and across channels, brands are finding themselves increasingly challenged in meeting the demand for a consistent, cohesive experience. It’s particularly worrisome in retail, where 78% of companies admit they lack a single brand experience across channels, despite the fact that 62% of brands have launched omnichannel services. However, the need for an effective omnichannel strategy is universal across industries, and it could be the single most important puzzle to solve in 2017. Learn more about The Open Local Platform. This April, attendees at Rio SEO’s Local Search Summit will explore the omnichannel

Google’s ‘Fred’ Update: What Does It Mean for Local Search?

There has been a recent Google algorithm update that lit up the SEO community with chatter and speculation (although it has yet to be officially confirmed).  It started March 8th, with a great deal of activity on SEO forums, as reported by Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Roundtable. The update dubbed ‘Fred’ was the suspected cause of massive decreases in traffic on some websites, while others gained traffic and some entire sites dropped out of the index completely. But what is Fred and--more importantly--what impact might it have on your local business? What is the Google Fred algorithm update? If

Searchlove 2017: San Diego – Our Favorite Local Takeaways

  We were lucky to join hundreds of marketers in our own backyard, at beautiful Paradise Point, for San Diego SearchLove. The two-day conference is packed with search strategies, analytics, content creation, and more. While the conference is predominantly search-focused, speakers present on a wealth of online marketing topics, from content marketing and advertising to search UX and chat app marketing. We had the opportunity to engage with well-known industry influencers like Wil Reynolds (Seer Interactive), Larry Kim (Wordstream), Purna Virji (Microsoft) and Greg Gifford (DealerOn), as well as agency and in-house digital marketers from across the United States and

Open Local: The Next Step in Omnichannel

“Everything you wear, you use, you touch today has been reinvented and is now connected.” As my friend Joel Paynel noted, connected technology was the prevailing trend at CES this year, but we’re no longer just talking about the novelty of having a smart device in your home to search cool songs for your kids and record your grocery shopping list. We are all more connected than ever, through an increasing number of touchpoints from an expanding array of connected devices. However, even as I marvel at the stunning TVs, futuristic connected cars, new personal assistants and other crazy toys

5 Ways the Local Marketing Game Changed for the Better in 2016

Across the globe people are taking stock of how they did in 2016, resolving to make changes and do better next year. We make New Year’s resolutions in our personal lives, but it’s a great time to step back and evaluate your performance and plans in business, as well, particularly when it comes to the rapidly evolving local marketing space. 2016 brought a whirlwind of new local search technologies but more importantly, we began to really realize the potential of existing ones. Retailers refined their beacon strategies; many became more successful at assisting rather than intruding on in-store shoppers. Multi-location

SSL/HTTPS Is No Longer Just About Internet Security: It Now Impacts SEO/UX

As much as we’d love to make this blog post fun and festive, security is serious business. Website security and encryption has been covered extensively in the media in recent months, with story after story of large corporations and government departments being hacked and mined for personal information. Safety protocols are not only good for business, they can improve your website search engine rankings. SSL Decoded Security Socket Layers (SSL) is a standard security technology for establishing the encrypted link between a server and a client. They are the “s” in the “https” you see before a URL address and

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