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Using Local SEO for Store Locators

Brands with many brick-and-mortar locations across the country, or even within the same city, use store locator tools to provide consumers information about those specific locations (i.e Name, Address, Phone Numbers, Promotions, and more). Too often though, these store locator mappers are missing the local SEO optimizations that make their locations appear prominently on search results pages. They’re missing out on a huge opportunity to drive more visitors to the brand’s website, own that traffic on their domain, generate more in-store traffic at these physical locations, and capture additional revenue as a result. So, why is it better for you

How to Use Organic SEO to Rank in Google’s Local 3-Pack

by Cynthia Sener, VP of Operations and Product at Rio SEO Recently, my colleague Chad Klingensmith and I had the opportunity to participate in the Local Search Association’s information and takeaway-packed webinar, How to Use Organic SEO to Rank in Google’s Local 3-Pack. Joined by co-host Joy Hawkins, the incredibly sharp and talented founder of Sterling Sky, Inc., we explored several tactics for improving local visibility and rankings across large, multi-locations businesses. In it, we discussed key organic ranking factors, with actionable steps to help you rank in Google’s Local 3-pack. We talked about the different ways marketers can reach

Duplicate Listings & Ownership Conflicts: Expert GMB Tips for Enterprises

“Near Me” searches have become so common, it’s a force of habit now that we turn to our mobile devices and search for things nearby to solve our immediate needs. It’s both a great opportunity and a massive challenge for brands, whose job it is to ensure that local listings are complete and accurate across hundreds or even thousands of locations. Are your customers able to find you in their moments of need? Duplicate listings and ownership conflicts are two of the most common issues that hinder location discoverability and searcher experience. In this post, our Local Listings team shares

Getting Over the Stack: The Future of Local is Open

  Bridging the gap between online or mobile search and in-store sales is mission critical but clearly, our approach as brand marketers and agencies needs rethinking. As consumer technology has evolved, we’ve identified new challenges and opportunities in connecting with them via marketing, then sought out tools designed specifically to solve them. Sure, those tools don’t always talk to one another, and the way they treat data differs widely from one tool to the next, but we did what we could with what we had. And what a variety we have now! Scott Brinker recently released his annual Marketing Technology

Visual Tech Offers a New Lens on Local Search

The local search industry is buzzing, and visual search technology is at the core of it all. What’s the latest news, you ask? Google “Focuses” on Visual Search with ‘Lens’ Google’s recent unveiling of Google Lens at their I/O developer conference leverages AI technology and Google’s software to supercharge your phone’s camera. Imagine you’re sharpening the focus on your mobile camera to nail that National Geographic moment while hiking. Now, Google Lens identifies the flower you’re preparing to shoot. Photo: TechCrunch. Google Lens could become an important piece of visual search technology. Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai highlighted other

What’s New in Local SEO for 2017

As Google’s Juan Felipe Rincon emphasized again for us at Rio SEO's third-annual Local Search Summit 2017, updates to the search giant’s constantly evolving algorithms are typically designed with one core mission in mind: to improve the experience of search for users and offer the best answers. It makes sense then that traditional SEO signals are making a comeback in building local visibility. *Statistics provided by 2017 Moz Local Ranking Signals Report How can you improve your local strategy in 2017, and where should you focus next? Local SEO – The Importance of Proximity Depending on the query type,

Serving Rich Local Results with Mary Bowling at #LSS2017

As search results get more and more crowded, it’s more important than ever to stand out. How can you break through the noise and prove to Google that your location’s result should feature prominently on a local query? Search expert Mary Bowling shared her five steps to standing out in the SERPs via richer, more engaging results at our recent Local Search Summit 2017 in San Diego. 1. Know Your SERPs Who dominates the search results for queries relevant to your business? Are these results from media, your competitors, directories, or other sources? Search is a zero-sum game; as one

Top Tools for Smarter Voice Search Optimization: #LSS2017

Author, consultant and marketer extraordinaire Travis Wright from CCP Digital gave a presentation at #LSS2017 that blew participants’ minds. On top of his inarguable wit and an entertaining deck (complete with John Travolta as Vincent Vega cameo), Travis shared over 150 digital marketing tools that can help you grow sales through smarter search, social and content strategy. Given the meteoric rise of voice search as a preferred method of solving consumer needs, we wanted to share the top tools from Travis’s list that can help you optimize for verbal queries. Here are 10 tools to check out if you want

15 Expert Voice Search & Local Content Optimization Tips from #LSS2017

Dema Zlotin kicks off #LSS2017 Last week, forward-looking marketers gathered in San Diego to explore new and emerging local marketing trends, tactics and technologies. This third annual invitation-only Local Search Summit (LSS2017) hosted by Rio SEO was all about accelerating local; on using the smartest omni-channel marketing practices to tap into the massive potential of intelligent agents, mobile-social marketing, and voice search in local markets. The audience of multi-location brand executives and the agencies that work with them heard from Google, Bing, Rio SEO, iProspect, Forrester Research, Bazaarvoice, MapQuest, Gigasavvy and more over two days of presentations and interactive

The Greatest Omnichannel Challenges Marketers Face Today

Now that consumers are largely comfortable shopping online and across channels, brands are finding themselves increasingly challenged in meeting the demand for a consistent, cohesive experience. It’s particularly worrisome in retail, where 78% of companies admit they lack a single brand experience across channels, despite the fact that 62% of brands have launched omnichannel services. However, the need for an effective omnichannel strategy is universal across industries, and it could be the single most important puzzle to solve in 2017. Learn more about The Open Local Platform. This April, attendees at Rio SEO’s Local Search Summit will explore the omnichannel

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