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Key Holiday Marketing Insights to Consider for 2022

August 12, 2022|

The last few years have been nothing short of tumultuous for retailer brands. Unexpected closures, confusion around health safety best practices, and a sweeping shift to ecommerce all presented new hurdles. Now that the holiday season is approaching, marketers are wondering, what will holiday shopping look like this season? This year, retailers are set to contend with not only the lingering effects of the pandemic (and all of the consumer behavior changes that came with it) but also a looming recession. Experts predict that the holiday shopping season ahead will begin early (if not already). They also predict that the

Google Business Profile Messaging Feature Can Now Automate FAQs Responses

August 8, 2022|

There’s a new automated Google Business Profile Messaging response feature, and it’s great news for enterprise brands. Now, you can create up to 10 frequently asked questions (FAQs) with standard responses automatically sent to Google Maps and Google Search users who ask specific questions via your business listings. These FAQs can vary for each of your brand’s locations so you can tailor them to your local customers’ specific needs by store/office, neighborhood, city, or region. This ensures searchers are presented more personalized information tailored to their needs, rather than a blanked response that necessitates seeking more information. How do GBP

6 Key Takeaways From LocalU Advanced Denver

August 4, 2022|

LocalU Advanced Denver kicked off last week in Denver at The Curtis Hotel in downtown Denver and brought together some of the brightest minds in local search and SEO. In this one-day advanced training, session topics included a comprehensive range of topics, from an in-depth exploration of Google Discover to hottest opportunities currently for content and SEO. Panelists included LocalU Faculty members, such as Greg Gifford, Carrie Hill, Lily Ray, Aaron Weiche, and more. In this post, we will explore some of the top takeaways from the event, and why you may want to consider attending the next LocalU event.

4 Reasons Keyword Clusters Should Be Part of Your SEO Strategy

July 27, 2022|

Conventional SEO practice would suggest that each page focuses on and is optimized for one main keyword. Today, keyword clusters can help with a more efficient SEO strategy that enables you to target multiple keywords on the same page, assisting search engines in understanding the relevance of that page to various queries. This lets you focus on perfecting each page versus expending resources on multiple similar pages that may be thinner and less informative. As long as the words you target have the same search intent, it's possible to target them despite a difference in phrasing — as long as

Debunking the Top 16 Common SEO Myths Once and For All

July 25, 2022|

Search engine optimization (SEO) myths are persistent and are too often believable. Once a myth is born, it spreads like wildfire and can cause destruction across an entire site, leading to a lower organic ranking and worse, lost sales. These common SEO myths are further perpetuated by Google's ongoing search ranking algorithm updates. This begs the question, how do you know if these misconceptions about SEO are fact or fiction? To help you discern which myths to worry about and dispel the myths you shouldn't pay attention to, we put together a panel of SEO industry experts for an in-depth

A Digital Marketer’s Guide To Google Image Carousels

July 22, 2022|

Have you seen a sudden influx of carousels across many social media platforms? Image carousels are a 4-5 slideshow of impactful content, with some images and videos peppered in, helping businesses communicate to their buyers in an effective visual format. A study of over 22 million Instagram carousel posts showed that posts with carousels were the most successful. Carousels help businesses establish themselves on Instagram as they boost organic search traffic. But, image carousels are not just limited to Instagram. Carousels across a variety of platforms have become critical to a brand’s visibility. Google Search and Maps is no different.

Online Reputation Management for Regulated Industries 101

July 20, 2022|

In sensitive or highly regulated industries, such as legal, healthcare, or finance, it can be challenging to create the right strategy to manage your online reputation – especially when it comes to local reviews. How do you ensure you're adhering to your brand's guidelines? And, what are the best practices for online reputation management for regulated industries? Too often, businesses avoid responding to online reviews for fear of potential negative feedback or complications. Additionally, responding to reviews in highly regulated industries may require legal precautions to consider. Multi-location or enterprise brands may be dealing with hundreds or thousands of locations,

Local Consumer Search Behavior Trends June 2022

July 19, 2022|

Each month, we anonymize and analyze Google Business Profile (GBP) insights from over 170,000 enterprise brand locations using Rio SEO’s solutions for local marketing needs. These aggregate insights can give important context to the consumer behavior trends you see and experience across your own locations. In this post, we will identify and share key local search consumer behavior trends June 2022 presented for eight diverse verticals. Google Business Profiles are an important local search ranking factor; consider it Google’s single source of truth for its business information to match search results to relevant local consumer queries.  The trends we observed

Google Joins Yelp in Inclusivity Efforts with LGBTQ-Owned Attribute For Local Businesses

July 6, 2022|

When potential customers are using Google Search and Maps to find businesses nearby, they'll now see a new attribute in business profiles of inclusive businesses owned by LGTBQ+ entrepreneurs. Google has taken another step towards inclusivity with a new Google Business Profile feature that allows business owners from the LGBTQ community to distinguish their business from others. Now, they can set an LGBTQ-owned attribute on their business listing. Since 2018, Google Business Profiles have allowed business owners to list their location as a safe space for all types of consumers. Now, this new identity attribute allows for a more direct

Business Directory Reviews 101: Everything You Need to Know and Top Review Directories

June 28, 2022|

You've no doubt heard of business directories in your local SEO planning and strategy. But just how important are they, and what do you need to know about directories to maximize their value as part of your marketing plan? And, how do business directory reviews impact your online reputation? In this article, we take a look at exactly what business directories are, the different features you can use to optimize your local search presence, specific business directories that are popular among multi-location brands, and more. Let's get to it! What is a Business Directory? Online business directories are a comprehensive