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Business Directory Reviews 101: Everything You Need to Know and Top Review Directories

June 28, 2022|

You've no doubt heard of business directories in your local SEO planning and strategy. But just how important are they, and what do you need to know about directories to maximize their value as part of your marketing plan? And, how do business directory reviews impact your online reputation? In this article, we take a look at exactly what business directories are, the different features you can use to optimize your local search presence, specific business directories that are popular among multi-location brands, and more. Let's get to it! What is a Business Directory? Online business directories are a comprehensive

Local Consumer Search Behavior Trends May 2022

June 27, 2022|

How does your local search performance stack up against other brands like yours? Each month, we anonymize and analyze Google Business Profile (GBP) insights from over 170,000 enterprise brand locations that use Rio SEO’s solutions for their local marketing needs. These aggregate insights can give important context to the consumer behavior you are seeing and experiencing across your own locations. Here, we will discuss consumer behavior trends May 2022 presented. Google Business Profiles are an important local search ranking factor; consider it Google’s single source of truth for the business information it uses to match search results to relevant local

8 Ways to Master Your Keyword Research Strategy

June 24, 2022|

Just as Google continues to evolve its search algorithm updates, so too must search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing professionals evolve their keyword research strategy. Tactics that once worked—think focusing on keyword density and keyword stuffing in the early 2000s—are now completely outdated. Which is why it's imporant to consider, is your startegy out of date too? Recently, we were joined by an exceptional panel of digital and content marketing and local SEO experts to help us discuss how to simplify your keyword research strategy to help your business rank higher and, in turn, convert more searchers. The panel included:

4 Ways Data Aggregators Improve Local SEO

June 23, 2022|

​​Without data aggregators, the local search ecosystem would be vastly different. Manually submitting the information to online citations (which are a huge factor for local SEO rankings) is time-consuming and can take a toll on your business’s resources. This is especially true if you’re a local enterprise brand with multiple storefronts in different cities. Even if you cut corners and do the bare minimum, submitting your business’s name, address, phone number (NAP information) without any other information for each location to hundreds of directories, it would take months of work to get anywhere. And, your time and resources are better

Internal Linking Best Practices for Enterprise Local Brands

June 21, 2022|

Internal links are incredibly useful and effective, though sometimes complicated, aspect of your SEO strategy. While external backlinks are an effective search engine optimization (SEO) signal, in that they tell search engines, such as Google, others endorse your content, internal linking helps search engines understand the structure, importance, and hierarchy of your content. In its 'Importance of Link Architecture' resource on the Google Developers Blog, Google states: "Link architecture—the method of internal linking on your site — is a crucial step in site design if you want your site indexed by search engines. It plays a critical role in Googlebot's

5 Tips to Protect Your Google Business Profile Hours From Unwanted Updates

June 13, 2022|

Have you ever been offput by an initial impression? Whether a person or a business, a first impression can be a lasting impression — both good or bad. As a business, your Google Business Profile (GBP) is essentially the first point of contact most local customers have with your brand. It's your first opportunity to build trust, develop a relationship, and ultimately prompt a consumer to take action. Or, it could drive customers to your competitors instead. Unreliable information on a GBP can put off potential customers. If they can’t trust your hours and updates—can they really trust the quality of your

The Top 5 Things That Can Harm Your Search Rankings

May 31, 2022|

If you’re reading this, chances are your brand’s customer acquisition strategy relies heavily on search engine optimization (SEO). And, you want to make sure you’re not losing money by leveraging counterintuitive strategies. But, how can you identify practices that may harm your search rankings? One consideration with SEO is Google and other search engines don’t directly reveal how their algorithm works. Instead, SEO professionals have to study patterns, run independent tests, and measure growth to deduce effective strategies. It effectively means that practices that shouldn’t have been done have found a way to creep in to “game the search engines.”

Benefits of Facebook Local Marketing: Go-To-Guide

May 25, 2022|

When we think of local search, we often think about Google. However, a local search may extend to a social media platform as well. Facebook is not only a social media network but also an essential platform for local business discoverability and reaching your target audience online. Each of your brand locations' Facebook Business Page also presents an opportunity to communicate and share offers with current customers, which is why Facebook local marketing cannot be ignored. Having a robust Facebook presence for each of your brand’s locations can help you not only appear in search, where people are looking specifically

Local Consumer Search Behavior Trends April 2022

May 23, 2022|

How does your local search performance stack up against other brands like yours? Each month, we analyze aggregate Google Business Profile (GBP)  insights from over 170,000 enterprise brand locations that use Rio SEO’s solutions for their local marketing needs. How these metrics trend offers a unique look into how local consumer behavior is impacting search views, volume, and listing conversion actions.  Google Business Profiles are one of the heaviest weighted local search ranking factors and as such, are an essential tool for engaging and converting local customers. Comparing your brand’s GBP performance against these benchmarks adds important context about what’s

Solving The Mystery Behind Measuring Local Marketing Success

May 23, 2022|

Who else wants to know the mystery behind measuring local marketing success? Measuring the success of your local marketing campaign performance can be a difficult task even for the most seasoned of marketers. Measurement becomes increasingly burdensome when tasked with providing tangibile proof of performance at scale. Traditional marketing metrics--such as leads, conversions, and searches-- all tie into how customers are engaging with you business, but what metrics are most important to measure? To answer this question, we turned to a panel of digital marketing gurus and veteran search engine optimization (SEO) experts to gather their insights. Our panel included: