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Best Practices to Avoid GMB Listing Filtering for Financial Services Brands

September 16, 2020|

With each local search opportunity comes unique challenges, and the finance industry is no exception. Such is the case for financial institutions that have a branch listing and agents (with their own listings) associated with the branch.  There has historically been a tendency to treat all entities in finance the same. Mortgage brokers and agents, insurance companies, bank branches, and head office—each of these is an entity with a name, an address, a phone number, a business description, etc. It makes sense that they should all be treated the same in search, right? That was the conventional wisdom. However, as

What Google My Business’ New Health & Safety Attributes Mean For Local Marketers

September 15, 2020|

Earlier this week, local SEO’s were quick to notice Google’s latest effort to help local brands surface critical safety protocols they have in place on their local listings. A new set of health and safety business attributes have started to appear for some local businesses in their Google My Business (GMB) dashboard.  While these attributes have started appearing for some brands in Google Search and Maps, we anticipate all brands will be able to leverage them soon. Therefore, we recommend brands check to see if this feature is currently available to you in your GMB dashboard, to ensure customers are

11 Tips for Enterprise Local Holiday Marketing Success Despite COVID-19

September 14, 2020|

It’s difficult to even hazard a guess as to how consumers will behave leading into and throughout the critical holiday shopping season. As we’ve learned throughout 2020, the state of affairs can change near-instantly. What is certain is that enterprise brands will face unique challenges in connecting with consumers at the local level and will need to pivot their local holiday marketing strategies as we near the holidays. As Lauren Freedman mused recently in DigitalCommerce360, “It’s hard to predict which customer will show up this holiday season… For those that are working and whose families are in a strong financial

GMB ‘FoodMenus’ Cheat Sheet for Enterprise Brands

September 8, 2020|

Google My Business (GMB) ‘FoodMenus’ help customers learn more about your restaurant’s menu choices. Now, there’s a more structured way to share the specific attributes your menu selections have to offer by submitting your locations’ menu data to GMB via API.  It is important for restaurant brands to keep menu data up to date in GMB—if you don’t, the wrong information may be displayed to searchers. Google explains, “Both you and your customers can add photos and names of dishes. However, dish names added by you will get precedence over dish names added by customers. You can also suggest an

Apple Reviews Update: What This Means For Local Businesses

September 3, 2020|

Apple Maps is surfacing a new way for consumers to leave their feedback for local businesses. Consumers can now recommend local businesses by selecting a thumbs up. Alternatively, they may also leave a thumbs down if they have a negative experience with the business.  How Do Apple's Reviews Differ From Other Local Review Sites? The rating system differs from the traditional 1- to 5-star rating used by the majority of review sites and more closely aligns with popular social media platforms, such as Facebook and Reddit’s method for rating for likes versus dislikes.  Instead of rating the business overall, Apple

Google Maps Updates: User Experience Improved for Multi-Location Brands

September 2, 2020|

Google Maps users may notice a new improvement to the web mapping service the next time they search for a multi-location brand. When consumers perform a branded search for a business with multiple locations, our Local SEOs have found Google Maps is now sometimes displaying a new bottom panel highlighting additional locations, as seen in a desktop example below. When searching for Tyga Bites, a restaurant that specializes in serving boneless chicken bites, in Google Maps, the location nearest the searcher will appear first, and at the bottom of their Google Maps screen, they’ll also now see additional locations in

Local Ranking Factors for 2020: What It Takes to Win the Map Pack

September 1, 2020|

Connecting with customers at the local level is challenging enough for enterprise and multi-location brands. The Coronavirus pandemic has added an extra layer of uncertainty for local businesses of all kinds—and the customers they serve. Today, customers crave instant answers and accessible information to help them find nearby solutions to their needs. How do you achieve prime positioning in the Map Pack and organic local search, getting in front of these motivated local consumers in their decision-making moments? In this new infographic, our local search experts share the latest insights and tips to help enterprise brands improve the visibility of

Leveraging Local Pages At Scale: Expert Panel Webinar

August 31, 2020|

In many of our previous webinars, we’ve talked extensively about the challenge and importance of optimizing and managing your local listings at scale. Yet, Local Pages is an often overlooked component of a comprehensive local marketing strategy that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. Local Pages present numerous opportunities for enterprise brands, but at a high-level, they allow your users to engage directly with your brand and, when done well, can prompt online conversions and/or drive in-store traffic. During our most recent webinar, we assembled a panel of digital marketing experts to discuss how enterprise brands can leverage local

7 Email Marketing Best Practices For Local Businesses

August 28, 2020|

"7 Email Marketing Best Practices For Local Businesses" is a guest blog post written by Kevin George, Head of Marketing at Email Uplers, one of the fastest-growing PSD to HTML email coding companies. Local businesses are looking for ways to expand their digital footprint now more than ever before, and email marketing is a critical component in any enterprise brand’s marketing strategy. Email marketing rewards all organizations, no matter big or small, local or international, if done correctly. In this article, we will discuss seven email marketing best practices for local businesses specifically.  Let’s quickly dive into how you can