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How to Support Your Local Rankings with Organic SEO

July 9, 2020|

The fact that 97% of consumers use search to find local businesses is old news—that finding from BIA Kelsey dates back to a decade ago now. Yet over the past ten years, the importance of both organic and local search in discovery, engagement, and driving motivated buyers into your locations has only grown. In that time, organic and local search have melded together in many ways, too. Gone are the ten plain blue links. Both organic and local results have become more visually interesting, interactive, and engaging. As Google has sought to better answer consumer needs right on the search

Local Search Marketing with Google Maps [Ebook]

July 8, 2020|

When managing multiple locations, enterprise brands must focus not only on maintaining a strong brand-wide reputation, but also ensuring the prominence of each of their locations. Google Maps plays a major role in informing local search users of where a business is located, how to get there, and more. Additionally, Google Maps is a key component in determining a location’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). Optimizing your business presence on Google Maps, then, helps you rank higher in local searches and builds trust with nearby consumers, making it vital to include in your local marketing strategy. Increasing Your

Leveraging Local Reviews For Retail Brands: Expert Insights and Best Practices

July 7, 2020|

The strength of the retail industry cannot be ignored. In fact, total retail sales in the United States were projected to amount to 5.94 trillion in U.S. dollars in 2024, up from around 5.47 trillion U.S. dollars in 2019. While the coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly skewed this projection, it’s still clear retailers are critical to fueling the global economy. To continue to build both your brand and trust with customers in an uncertain world, retailers and other businesses alike must focus on prioritizing their reputation, both online and off. This entails placing a strong focus on local reviews for retail

Study: The Impact of Multi-Provider Listings in Local Search

July 2, 2020|

The power of local search is undeniable. In fact, nearly half of all Google searches are looking for local information. For medical providers, this surfaces the inevitable need to appear to searchers with accurate, up-to-date listings. For providers that work in multiple locations on different days and hours of the week, this can become a challenge to manage and effectively maintain multiple listings. If these providers are unable to appear in different geographic areas and accurately showcase when they are at each of their locations, they run the risk of losing business to another provider.  Additionally, if the provider’s multiple

Expert Tips For Closing Branch Locations in Google My Business

June 30, 2020|

To say 2020 has been nothing short of predictable doesn’t quite do the trajectory of this year justice. From the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, including widespread business closures globally, to the recent riots that also forced businesses to shut their doors, the implications of losing customers and cash flow have been felt across all industries.  One of the industries that took the hardest hit during the peak of the pandemic was the financial industry. In fact, during the pandemic, U.S. bank branch traffic fell over 30 percent in April and the first three weeks of May, compared with

Local Pages Playbook: How Enterprise Brands Win At Local Search

June 24, 2020|

Download our Local Pages Playbook We know accurate, up-to-date local listings are critical for discovery for enterprise brands. But how does your brand appear locally for those valuable, non-branded, and longtail search queries? That's where local pages come into play, another key component of any successful enterprise local marketing strategy. Local pages are helping multi-location brands: Improve local rankings Build visibility for non-branded, product or service-specific searches Appear more often for longtail keyword phrases which now make up the bulk of the volume of all searches—in fact, 85% or more of all search queries have three or more words Reduce

Lessons Learned from Managing Local Listings in a Time of Crisis

June 23, 2020|

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, enterprise brand marketers have had their priorities shift dramatically and often. Budgets have had to be reimagined, entire campaigns reworked, and even entire business strategies rethought. Yet, throughout all of the uncertainty and turmoil, the prime concern for brands has been the need for timely, reassuring customer communications.   When a crisis strikes and you need to pivot quickly, customers turn to your local listings for the information they need to continue doing business with you. In this post, we share insights gained and lessons learned from managing local listings in a time of crisis for over

8 Best Practices We Learned from Analyzing KPIs on 200+ Brands’ Local Listings During COVID-19 [Webinar Recap]

June 22, 2020|

The past few months have brought massive change to the local marketing landscape. Temporary store closures, regulatory and public health requirements, changes to hours of operation and staffing, GMB updates, and more have wreaked havoc with local business communications and operations. In order to help brands understand how the Coronavirus pandemic has impacted consumer behavior, we analyzed search data for nearly 200,000 U.S. business locations over a ten-week period from February 24 to April 27, 2020. Everything we’ve learned about consumer behavior through this longer-term, sustained crisis can be incorporated as a best practice into your local marketing strategy going

4 On-Page SEO Best Practices for the Age of Social Distancing

June 19, 2020|

COVID-19 dramatically impacted consumer behavior, from the widespread fear and anxiety caused to the very real impact of an extensive period of worldwide lockdown and social distancing. Naturally, many consumers utilized Google more extensively to research COVID-19 updates including business closures, hour changes, and reopenings. Customers now have a whole new set of considerations and needs when they are searching for information they need to make decisions that just last year were simple and routine. In turn, Google responded quickly to help both local businesses and healthcare facilities better communicate with their customers by adding new social distancing attributes, COVID-19-type

GMB Insights Study: Navigating Local Search in Times of Crisis [Whitepaper]

June 18, 2020|

Download the GMB Insights Study Now Globally, we could have never predicted the wide-ranging business interruptions and impacts that were experienced at the onset of COVID-19. When news of the pandemic first started to circulate in late February, customers felt a vast array of emotions as fear and panic began to set in. On the business front, from store closures to adjusting hours of operation, businesses globally had to quickly alter their local marketing efforts to better communicate changes to their operations. Now, after an extended period of lockdown, we are now beginning to see stay-at-home orders lift across most