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Guide to GMB for Agencies Part II: A Step-By-Step Guide

February 20, 2020|

In the first part of this two-part guide, we discussed the importance of Google My Business optimization for multi-location organizations. Developing a proper GMB strategy for your clients will improve their online local visibility, search rankings, website clicks and foot traffic. But what does a strong GMB strategy look like at the ground level? And, what actionable steps can agencies take to boost their client’s GMB presence and local SEO performance overall? In part II of our guide to GMB for agencies, we deliver a step-by-step process for cultivating, managing, and optimizing GMB listings for your clients. From claiming your

What Google’s Elimination of Cookies Means for Enterprise Local Marketers

February 18, 2020|

Google’s recent announcement that it plans to phase out third-party cookies from Chrome in the next two years has advertisers and marketers abuzz with speculation. Google is developing a ‘Privacy Sandbox’ to replace third-party cookies and has promised that advertisers will still be able to target ads to consumers. With the upcoming elimination of cookies, many are asking why is Google making this move and more importantly, what impact might it have for enterprise brands and their locations? In this post, you’ll learn what is behind these changes, what to expect in the coming 12 to 24 months, and what

INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Compelling Insights That Prove the Opportunities Zero-Click Searches Present

February 13, 2020|

Do you ever check store hours, pull up a recipe, or look at a restaurant's menu—all without leaving Google? If this is the case, you’re already familiar with zero-click searches. Zero-click searches are now more prevalent than ever and have grabbed the attention of local marketers worldwide. Google’s continual efforts to enhance the search experience have now made it easier for users to find the answers they need quickly. Consumers now can locate exactly what they're looking for through featured snippets, calculators, definitions, maps, GMB listings and other “position 0” results. Together, these tools are fundamentally changing the way people

Google My Business Suspension Issues for Enterprise Brands

February 11, 2020|

Imagine logging in to make a quick edit to the store hours of one of your locations, only to learn that you are unable to access the listing. Scrambling from account to account in your brand’s Google My Business (GMB) listings, you realize that several locations are affected. Your enterprise brand is, unfortunately, experiencing Google My Business suspension issues, cutting off your ability to access and edit your location listings. This is known as a “soft” suspension in GMB local listings terms, although Google doesn’t share that classification with brands. In fact, you won’t receive any notification at all if

European Wax Center’s Customized Reporting Solution Smooths Local Franchisee Challenges

February 10, 2020|

Even the most recognizable, reputable organizations encounter challenges when it comes to local search marketing. Such was the case for leading beauty franchise, European Wax Center, a company dedicated to helping both men and women look and feel the most confident versions of themselves through expert waxing services. A company known for stripping away people’s troubles needed their own local challenges stripped, namely in the form of local reporting. The brand needed a technological solution to automate local listings management and a customized reporting solution, but they required more personalization and support than an out-of-the-box solution could provide. We dove

4 Industries Where Reviews Have the Biggest Impact on Revenue

February 6, 2020|

Consumers do not make purchasing decisions in a vacuum. Instead, they look to the experiences of others to inform their choices. Indeed, 72% of consumers begin their journey by looking at reviews and will not continue until they get a sense of brand sentiment for a given business. This trend applies to enterprises and small businesses alike. According to a 2018 BrightLocal survey, 86% of consumers read reviews for local businesses. Today, these reviews are more abundant and accessible than ever before. Recent aggregated data from Rio clients shows that the volume of Google reviews across various industries increased exponentially

How to Maximize Unbranded Customer Searches for Your Multi-Location Business

February 4, 2020|

What you will learn in this post: What are unbranded customer searches and why are they so prominent? How your enterprise brand can compete with hyperlocal mom & pop business listings Effective strategies to improve local rankings for non-branded local search queries As people search for local products and services, brand loyalty yields to the tyranny of the urgent. Consumers want the quickest, closest solution that suits their needs. This trend helps to explain why unbranded searches are growing in prominence, especially for mobile search. Unbranded or non-branded keywords refer to search terms related to general goods, services, or industries

Webinar Recap: The Rise of Zero-Click Search

February 3, 2020|

It’s unavoidable--the phenomenon known as zero-click searches has come and conquered the SERPs, and they’re not going away anytime soon. Now that the rise of zero-click search is evident, how do multi-location businesses adjust their local SEO strategy to win in this emerging zero-click world? We recently hosted an expert panel webinar, featuring special guests Kurt Krake, CEO & Founder at MetricsEdge, Mike Blumenthal, co-founder at LocalU and GatherUp, Krystal Taing, Director of Local Strategy at Rio SEO, and Lauren Abramson, Account Director at Rio SEO, in which we answered the most pressing questions local search marketers are asking related

The Guide to GMB for Agencies Part I: Optimization Tactics

January 29, 2020|

It is no secret that Google leads the online search industry by a significant margin. The brand has become synonymous with discovering every type of information. One might not be aware, however, that nearly half (46%) of all Google searches are aimed locally. Google My Business (GMB), one of Google’s many platforms, is quickly becoming the go-to destination for those seeking local information.  The GMB platform allows businesses to manage and update their local listings and additional information. While every business should stay on top of their GMB presence, multi-location businesses must work especially hard to keep their local GMB

Streamlining Local Data Governance for Multi-Location Brands

January 28, 2020|

Marketers know the importance of engaging franchise owners and local managers— giving local stakeholders the ability to author and control location data. Still, it’s easier said than done. Brands need to maintain the integrity of location information across the organization, whether that means hundreds of locations across the U.S or thousands worldwide. Thus surfaces the need for local data governance. Rio SEO’s Local Manager has long provided that critical governance layer that ensures corporate control while empowering local stakeholders to personalize their location’s listings. Now, an additional layer of upgraded UI enhancements and customizable content options are enabling brands to