Marketing Tools That Engage Franchise Owners and Local Managers

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Your data is local. Your access should be local too.

Now you can offer local teams access to the key information that drives businesses to their locations. With so many moving pieces in your large enterprise brand, there’s no room for inconsistency at the local level. Empower local teams with access to relevant content, reporting and even authoring capabilities for key local information such as hours, events and specialties.

Rio SEO’s Local Manager delivers the tools enterprise brands need to maximize stakeholders’ effectiveness across all levels of the organization.

Engage your franchise owners and local managements teams with Rio SEO Local Manager.

Key Features
Local Content Authoring check
Multiple User Levels check
Local Access to Key Data check
History Tracking check
Integrated Local Reporting check
Corporate Governance add
Events PublisherNew add
White Labeling add
Single Sign On Integration add

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Discover the powerful Local Manager marketing tools that engage franchise owners and local managers

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