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Local marketing best practices continue to evolve with the current state of the industry and as top search platforms advance their functionality. To keep up, local marketing solutions providers, in turn, must adapt and enhance their functionality as well. 

Rio SEO’s development team may be behind the scenes but is constantly working to provide the features necessary for enterprise brands to get the most out of our software. This includes making daily improvements for the purpose of both smaller and larger platform updates.

In this post, we will round up the top platform updates made in the first quarter of 2022 to our suite of local marketing products, including Local Listings, Local Reviews, Local Pages, Local Ratings, Local Manager, and Local Reporting.

Here are the top updates your business needs to know to elevate your local presence across all your locations.

Location Data Export Functionality

Seamless data exporting capability is essential to gain deeper insight into how the overall brand or an individual location is performing. It can also help identify where improvements need to be made. 

Rio SEO aims to provide export options that are flexible and allow the choice of data you’d like in the export. The file can then be emailed to a specified email address and/or downloaded directly in our centralized dashboard.

Exporting Location, Rank, Citation, and Insights Data is now drastically improved with the newest additions in our family of APIs. Along with our new technology comes a new interface to accompany it. 

Data Exports functionality example

The new additional data exports features include:

  • Citation exports data
  • Rank exports data
  • Photo information
  • Google Insights: Photos, queries, Posts, reviews, and more
  • Aggregation: Allows each row in the exported report to represent daily, monthly, quarterly, or yearly data
  • Calculated columns: New columns are in the Google Insights export to show totals of various values. These new columns include total clicks, total views, total queries, total reviews, and average rating.
  • Google Post data: Include views and clicks for posts for each location

Google Insights Data Exports ExampleAll of the same reporting functionality is available with no UI needed. We can schedule recurring exports of data to be sent out with dynamic timeframes, so if you are looking for data to be sent to you every month, quarter, or year, we can do that automatically.

We can also coordinate with our customers to allow token-based access to our API so that they may generate any of our mentioned exports with all of the same flexibility directly through our API.

Seamlessly Monitor When Listing Changes Are Made

When changes are made to listings, unintentional errors can be made and are often overlooked. Our webhooks allow our customers to monitor groups of fields for their listings and get notified when those fields are changed. To help our customers better keep track of every change being made to their listings, we have both field-level webhooks and digest webhooks. 

The difference between the two is that field-level webhooks will let our customers know when that specific field has changed. However, this can result in frequent and repetitive notifications for some of our users. 

For those cases, our alternative style of webhook will be more beneficial. Digest webhooks allow for a routine digest of all changes made to the monitored fields to be sent out at regular time intervals. This lets users know what fields changed and what changes were made to them rather than letting them know every time a field changes.

Convenient Google Post Publishing

See the status of your Posts that are in progress, completed, or deleted. To view the status, clients can now refer to the “Status” column to view where a Post is at in the creation process. This is especially useful for clients with more than 500 locations.

This expands on the Google Post functionality we shared in our 2021 Q4 product update, where we announced dynamic text insertion. Dynamic text insertion provides opportunities for efficiency when creating Google Posts that are catered to local audiences.

Example of Dynamic Text Insertion within a post:

sample test at ~address_1~, ~city~ , ~region~ ~post_code~

Dynamic Text Insertion Google Post Example

See all photos currently on a Google listing

We continue to improve our Listing Health functionality, now by giving customers the ability to see all photos currently on a Google listing within Local Manager. Previously only photos posted by the business owner were shown. Now photos by a customer are also shown for a comprehensive overview of all the photos on listings. Each photo card has a Remove button.

Photo Cards

The functionality of this button differs based on who owns the photo. If removing a photo posted by the business owner, it will be promptly removed from the listing.

Remove Owner Photo:

remove photo submission example - data exports blog

If removing a photo owned by a customer, users will navigate to a separate tab on the takedown page to submit a takedown notice to Google about the image.

Remove Customer Photo:

remove customer photo submission example

Want to take advantage of any or all of these new features/functionality? For current Rio SEO clients, reach out to your Account Director today.

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