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Today, 46% of searches have local intent; that is, people near your locations looking for products and services like yours. Optimizing for local search is critically important—so much so that Google has dedicated an entire platform to help local businesses connect with consumers looking for nearby solutions for their every need. 

Google My Business (GMB) enables local businesses to control key business information such as name, address, phone number, hours of operation, business description, and more. It’s important that these basics for your Google My Business Listing are accurate, complete, and up-to-date, but there’s a lot more to an engaging local search presence than that.

Are you making the best use of GMB’s features?

Consumers are looking for specific types of information as they consider their local options. The most influential factors—the things that want to make a person use a specific business the most—include:

  1. Proximity: How close is the business to my current location?
  2. Clear contact details: How easy is it for me to get in touch?
  3. Company info: What is it exactly that makes you the best choice for me?
  4. Testimonials: What kinds of experiences are others having with this location?
  5. Attractive website: Does your local landing page expand on the search listing experience?
  6. Clear photos: What are your products/services, location, and team like?

Google My Business gives you a wide range of tools for expanding your search visibility and engaging searchers who view your listing. 

Interactive Messaging and Questions & Answers allow searchers to communicate directly with your local store without even leaving the listing.  

Google Posts enable you to share news, special offers, events, and more expanding your search listing and driving traffic to the local landing page or website of your choice.

Local Reviews allow your customers to share their experiences, good or bad. These are a great opportunity for you to resolve issues, gather insight to inform business decisions, engage customers, build loyalty, and even improve your local search rankings.

There are category-specific features that may be available, too, depending on the type of business. 

Best Practices for Optimizing Your GMB Listing

In this infographic, you’ll find tips and hints to help you take advantage of all of the business-building features available in your GMB listings. Learn more about what Google is looking for in images, business descriptions, videos, Posts and more.

Anatomy of a Google My Business Listing Infographic

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