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Google Maps users may notice a new improvement to the web mapping service the next time they search for a multi-location brand. When consumers perform a branded search for a business with multiple locations, our Local SEOs have found Google Maps is now sometimes displaying a new bottom panel highlighting additional locations, as seen in a desktop example below.

Google Maps Update

When searching for Tyga Bites, a restaurant that specializes in serving boneless chicken bites, in Google Maps, the location nearest the searcher will appear first, and at the bottom of their Google Maps screen, they’ll also now see additional locations in the surrounding area. 

The additional location tiles feature the store’s:

  • Business name
  • Number of reviews received
  • Star rating
  • Price point
  • Address
  • Link to map directions
  • Website

Google Maps Tiles

The new Google Maps layout also appears on mobile devices, however fewer locations display, as seen in the example below.

Google Maps Update example on mobile

Benefits of the Google Maps Update for Consumers and Businesses

The new Google Maps layout benefits consumers by providing a better user experience through enhanced design and functionality. It also enables consumers to find alternative store locations near them that may be seen as a more desirable store to visit due to star rating or the number of reviews received. 

Multi-location brands also benefit from this design update by having additional local exposure to other nearby locations.

If you are an enterprise brand with numerous locations, your Google Maps ranking plays a significant role in determining when and how you are seen by local customers, which in turn impacts the success of your brand. What’s more, it’s by far the most popular navigation tool customers turn to. Over 67 percent of people use Google Maps over its competitor Waze, who has 12 percent of the navigation app market share. 

To ensure you’re fully optimizing your Google Maps presence across all your locations, consider:

  • Adding high-quality images to your listings on a regular basis that are specific to the business
  • Utilizing Google Posts to share special offers, COVID-19 guidelines, virtual events, and new products relevant to your locations
  • Prioritizing your reputation management strategy and respond to both positive and negative reviews your location receives 
  • Adding website links in your listing that take customers to your Local Pages, if applicable
  • Ensuring each location’s address is correct so your customers don’t drive to a closed or incorrect location
  • Turning to your local marketing partner or agency when listings need updates to ensure your local listings remain accurate and up-to-date

Want to learn more about how your brand can effectively leverage Google Maps?

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