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Google recently announced a new update to its Google My Business API. The latest Google My Business API V4.9 update introduces more hours for businesses that need additional hours types to better inform searchers of their hours of operation.

By enabling businesses to add more hours, they can then ensure accurate information is displayed on their listings for unique services they offer that may differ from their regular business hours. 

For example, a quick-service restaurant may open from 10 am – 10 pm, however, their drive-through may stay open later. In this instance, the restaurant would want to convey this information correctly on their listing to ensure searchers are aware of their later hours of operation service option. If this restaurant did not add more hours to their listing, they’d risk losing trust with their customers as well as their business.

Another instance when a business would require more hours is a retailer that offers senior hours for their customers. The retailer may open an hour earlier for senior shoppers to help promote a safe shopping experience. To better communicate this time exception to their elderly shoppers, they could add senior hours with the Google My Business API V4.9 update.

The full list of additional hours available in this update include:

  • Delivery Hours
  • Takeout Hours
  • Pickup Hours
  • Kitchen Hours
  • Drive-through Hours
  • Happy Hours
  • Brunch Hours
  • Online Service Hours
  • Senior Hours

Please note, the additional hours available to your business will depend on the primary category you’ve selected.

More Hours in Action

More Hours on a Restaurant Listing
Example of “More hours” on a listing.

Google My Business API V4.9 More Hours Example
How more hours appear.

Keeping your business’ local listings up-to-date with the most recent, correct information is crucial to encourage customer loyalty as well as conversions. From your business name to your address to your website link, every aspect of your listing must be accurate across all your locations. The addition of more hours is just another tool businesses should leverage to do this.

Rio SEO is working hard to incorporate the changes associated with the GMB API V4.9 update and will soon have the functionality to set more hours across all your locations. Keep an eye on our product updates as we share more information. Reach out to your Account Director today to learn more. Or if you’re new to Rio SEO, sign up for a free local audit today to uncover ways to improve your local presence across the search ecosystem.