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Your local web presence is a powerful driving force behind business growth. This can be proven by the fact that more than 46% of the searches on Google have local intent. If your brand is not optimized to appear in the local search, you are missing out on the opportunity to convert nearby local customers.

To help your brand boost your local presence to rise in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and never miss another chance to acquire a new customer, we’ve created the following comprehensive guide and infographic.

How Brand Can Optimize Their Local Web Presence in 2022

1. Audit Your Local SEO Presence

Local SEO is an intuitive and iterative process, meaning you consistently have to stay up to date and revise your strategy. But before you get started, it’s good to know where your business stands. Perform a thorough audit of each of your business listings and local landing pages for optimization.

Identify where the gaps are that you’d have to bridge for higher rankings. Moreover, you can go a step further by auditing your competitors and finding what is helping them rank higher in local searches.

2. Optimize Your Google Business Listings

Google Business Profile (GBP), formerly known as Google My Business, is one of the most important local SEO ranking factors to boost your brand presence in the SERPs. Since Google prefers to share content or businesses it can verify, creating a business profile is crucial. Create and verify your Profile for each of your locations, use Google Posts to regularly share information about your business, encourage users to leave your business a review after purchasing, respond to all your reviews, and follow other steps to optimize your GBP.

3. Ensure Your Brand NAP is Consistent

Another essential aspect of building an accurate local web presence is keeping your brand NAP consistent. NAP stands for Name, Address, and Phone Number and should be a crawlable HTML text on your site.

Keep your NAP consistent across all your business listings, website, and any other place your brand can be found. The best location for your NAP on a website is the header or footer. Doing so helps users and search engines find this information easily.

4. Create Localized Content

Creating content on general topics related to your products or services may attract a wider audience. But to build a local web presence, you must hone your focus and create localized content so it’s relevant to your audience. This content may include blog posts, videos, podcasts, infographics, ads, or more. 

Doing so will help establish authority and expertise for your niche in your local market. The more you create helpful content the better it can drive qualified traffic and help you get acquainted with your local community.

Local Web Presence Ranking Factors


Increasing the local web presence of your brand in 2022 is an important step for your overall SEO strategy. Focus on the right channels, target the right audience, remain consistent with optimizing your local SEO efforts and serve helpful content to your readers.