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Over the last several tumultuous months, we’ve tapped into our local search data across 203,600 enterprise brand locations to help multi-location brands get a better handle on how COVID-19 is impacting local consumer behavior.  We’ve published trending local keywords, SEO trends for 2021, and all of the latest COVID-19 resources for enterprise brands as they’ve been made available. In this post, we’re sharing updated figures on how COVID is impacting clicks to call, search views, and other key local consumer search behavior trends October threw our way.

In our previous research spanning March to September 2020, we found that search views were up across the board. We also found several interesting industry-specific behaviors, such as a 169% increase in search traffic for sit-down restaurants despite a decline in clicks-to-call restaurant locations. You can dig into the different verticals and learn more about those findings in this infographic.

Now, let’s take a look at how local consumer search behavior trended in October 2020, as compared to the month prior.

Business Services Brands

Brands in the business services category experienced notable increases in searches. People are interested in engaging with business services companies and clicking to call, visiting their website, or clicking to drive to their location.

Oct 2020 Rio SEO Business Services Update

Financial Services Brands

Interest in financial services is also up across the board, with many more searchers clicking to call or clicking to visit a brand’s website than in the month previously. This indicates a heightened interest in information from financial services brands.

Oct 2020 Rio SEO Financial Services update

Sit-Down Restaurants

While customers are still not eager to drive to and dine at sit-down restaurants, they are interested in learning more about the services they’re offering. This is evidenced by the uptick in total clicks, phone calls, and website clicks.

Oct 2020 Rio SEO Sit-Down Restuarants Update

Quick-Service Restaurants

Searchers are still seeking convenience amid the continuing pandemic, and clicks are up across the board in the quick-service restaurant vertical.

Oct 2020 Rio SEO Quick Service Restaurants updates


Interest in hotels continues to decline as concerns of COVID-19 rise in certain parts of the country and lockdowns in some states resume. We saw declines in nearly every metric for hotels in October.

Oct 2020 Rio SEO Hotels update


Prior to the holiday season, it was predicted that holiday retail sales would likely increase between 1% and 1.5%. Retail metrics are up across the board, proving consumers are preparing for holiday shopping in advance. Now is the time for retailers to update their local listings & local pages to reflect services offered such as BOPIS & curbside pickup and special holiday deals/promotions they may be offering.

Oct 2020 Rio SEO Retail update


Many consumers are still interacting with healthcare brands, although they may be turning to more virtual options as clicks to driving directions are slightly down. However, clicks to call and clicks to websites are still on the rise.

Oct 2020 Rio SEO Healthcare Updates

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