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Having accurate insight into your individual locations and in aggregate is crucial for growing your brand. With the ability to discern your strengths and weaknesses, your business can better identify areas for improvement, have the transparency to see where you’re excelling and establish benchmarks for underperforming locations. However, if you don’t have a robust reporting solution, you miss these opportunities and potentially sacrifice quality customer service and sales.

In an effort to provide our customers with innovative, constantly evolving reporting technology that simplifies their local marketing endeavors, we recently released a number of new enhancements to our suite of products; particularly enhanced local reporting. Many of these updates pertain to our Local Reporting solution, however, there are a few other notable updates to our other products as well, that we will detail in this post.

Local Reporting Interface Enhancements

Clutter and excess information can take away from the power of a product. Local reporting users will now notice a more straightforward and intuitive interface when accessing their reports, improving the overall navigation experience. 

Aggregate data - enhanced local reporting

Additionally, rather than seeing individual location performance in multiple reporting tabs, users will now have a clearer view into both aggregate and individual location performance in separate tabs. See aggregate scores associated with all entities by simply clicking the reporting tab when assessing and monitoring performance. Users can navigate to the locations tab for a deeper dive into location-specific data.

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Associate People to Multiple Locations

For certain businesses, you may need the ability to associate people to multiple locations (such as a music instructor to multiple retail locations). The expansion of Parent Location ID allows for such, though these people don’t need to be attached to the listing from a syndication perspective.

Easily Deploy Google Posts for All Your Locations

Google Posts are a useful tool for communicating important information about your business. Whether you’re sharing safety precautions you’re taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19 or sharing a special offer, Google Posts can highlight this information prominently on your local listings. Whether leveraging Local Manager to create Google Posts yourself or leveraging our full-service support team, end users can now publish Posts quickly at scale, saving you both time and effort. Take comfort in knowing your Posts will be scheduled out on time, deployed quickly, and free from errors by letting Rio SEO take ownership.

Interested in learning more about these updates and new functionality? For existing clients, reach out to your Account Director to learn more today! Not a client and want to learn more? We are here to help.