Houston-based charming charlie is an award-winning fashion accessories retailer. They like to say it has been helping women “find their fabulous” since 2004. Now with more than 240 stores nationwide, charming charlie has achieved some fabulous results with local SEO automation.

Within a month of deploying local SEO tools, the retailer’s first-page rankings in organic Google searches nearly doubled. This happened in all 240 cities. Consumers searching for “fashion accessories” on Google saw first-page charming charlie listings 99 percent of the time. And the results were nearly as impressive on Yahoo! and Bing.

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Interestingly, a huge benefit noted by the VP of ecommerce was the time savings (about 50 percent!) achieved using local search automation tools, bypassing the need to work with the organization’s internal content management system.

She also said: “By deploying the Rio SEO tools not only has our local store visibility increased on the major search engines, but we’ve also seen a lift in consumer clicks for driving directions, social check-ins (e.g. Facebook likes), and click-to-call activity.”

Meanwhile, the CIO was most impressed with the rapid deployment of the tools. We fully executed within 30 days “without a hitch.” This generated valuable Web and store traffic.

I take pride in the one-month gains our team and our tools helped charming charlie achieve. This includes the average number of times – using the locally optimized keywords during consumer searches – when local store information appeared on the first page of Google (3.7 times), Yahoo! (1.8 times), and Bing (1.5 times) – in all 240 cities!

I invite you to join me and Kim LaFleur, charming charlie vice president of ecommerce, during a free Incisive Media-hosted webinar Thursday, March, 14, when we’ll go into a lot more detail about how the women’s fashion retailer that is “spreading style from coast to coast” grew online traffic by 250 percent and achieved big-time ROI with local search automation.

By Bill Connard / VP of Local Search