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2024 Local search consumer behavior study

Search discovery, online reputation, and customer experience insights

Local search consumer behavior study:

2024 edition

Rio SEO is back with our third annual Local Search Consumer Behaviour study, bringing you the freshest local marketing insights for enterprise and multi-location brands.

We surveyed 1,000 U.S. respondents who conduct online searches at least a few times a week, to examine trends in local consumers’ search behavior.

In this report, we dive into what we’ve uncovered about the Local Experience (LX) and how it’s continuing to transform the way consumers interact with and buy from their favorite retailers, restaurants, and more.

We’re talking about that sweet spot where local marketing meets customer experience – how folks search online, what makes them tick when it comes to reviews, which platforms they’re glued to  during their local shopping journeys, and much more. We call it ‘Local Experience.”

If you’re an enterprise marketer, you’re in for a treat. Our results reveal some juicy trends that’ll help you make sense of your business listings, local reviews, and page performance insights. Use this knowledge to supercharge your local search visibility, stand out from the crowd, amp up those conversions from search in fierce markets, take charge of your online rep, and craft an unforgettable hyperlocal experience, at a national or global scale that’ll have your customers coming back for more.

Local SEO performance metrics redefined

Local SEO performance metrics redefined

Local Pages Playbook

Local Pages Playbook

2024 local consumer search behavior breakdown 

2024 local consumer search behavior breakdown 


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