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Rio SEO + Movable Ink

Rio SEO and Movable Ink have partnered to help enterprise brand marketers distribute local store data seamlessly within email and mobile marketing communications, ensuring accurate store details are visible in every consumer interaction.

Email marketing drives customer awareness, and facilitates acquisition and retention according to 80% of professionals.

To drive customers in-store or online to make a purchase, hyperlocal content is presented to the end-user in localized email and mobile marketing campaigns, including surfacing the closest brick-and-mortar store near them. This, in turn, ensures your customers only receive information that is relevant and useful to them, reducing unsubscribe rates and encouraging customer retention.

Reduce potential friction in your customer’s path to purchase, target the right audience and improve your email and mobile marketing return on investment with Rio SEO’s integration with Movable Ink.

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Pandora Email Marketing

Our partnership with Rio SEO and Movable Ink has allowed us the ability to provide highly personalized messaging that provides our customers with the best shopping option based on their location and their past shopping behaviors. Their technology and partnership with Movable Ink made them a delight to work with during all phases of the project.

Connor Hurson, CRM & Loyalty Manager, North America at Pandora

How Rio SEO & Movable Ink Drive Value

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