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A leading CRM technology company faced the challenge of driving paid registrants to its annual customer and partner conference, ensuring that the goal of having more than 9,000 paid attendees was achieved. Each registration carries a value of nearly $2,000.   Traditional marketing strategies involving PR, email, and paid media tactics were no longer driving registrations the way they did in the past, as early-bird registrations were lackluster. In an effort to break free of a bleak registration trajectory, this global organization deployed Rio SEO’s social marketing technology on its event marketing site.   Learn how Rio SEO's Social Analytics gave insight into "More than $2.9 million in registration revenue that came from sharing and earned media channels" by downloading the case study below. continue reading
Within 90 days of deploying local search automation software from Rio SEO, charming charlie gained first page search results, cut the time needed to create local landing pages, experienced huge year-over-year growth in website traffic and a major boost in mobile traffic. Sources such as Google and comScore note that about 70 percent of all online searches are local, making it essential that retailers and other multi-location businesses have strong local visibility on the web and mobile web. continue reading
The Rhino Linings network consists of more than 2,000 applicators and contractors in more than 80 countries around the world. With over 500 independently owned and operated U.S. and Canadian retail locations, Rhino Linings recognized the need to have a strong local and mobile web presence to increase ease of access to retail businesses and reduce the risk of missed conversions. Utilizing Rio SEO’s Local Search Solutions, Rhino Linings was quickly able to get all of its applicators’ locations found online, and enabled it to automate, analyze and support this ongoing process. continue reading

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