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A few weeks ago, I began seeing troubling bits of news in my Twitter feed about Ferguson, Mo.  After watching an escalation of news in my Twitter and Facebook feeds over a matter of hours, I was baffled by the absence of the news as a trending topic. , and apparent absence from my feed on Facebook. How could everyone I know (and follow) be watching the events in Ferguson, and have it still not surfacing among trends on social networks?

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8.5.14_Rio SEO Blog_FB 1 Mega Trend_185895589 After attending Street Fight Summit West in San Francisco last month, we wanted to share the latest trends in the rapidly evolving hyperlocal space.   Ted Zagat, Facebook’s local product marketing manager, spoke about the six “Mega Trends” his company is focusing on this year, specifically:   continue reading
By Thomas Kim / Product Manager, Rio SEO  

Big Data

  Following up on a post I did for WOMMA, it's no surprise that I continue to see headlines about big data without much effort. It seems big data is the answer for everything. Big data can predict musical superstars. Big data can help your HR efforts. It can even help you win a presidential election.   Here are a couple of recent big data headlines that have a bit more relevance to us folk in the advertising and marketing industries:   continue reading

Gaining Face

  What is it? Search marketing software provider Rio SEO upgrades its local search optimizer to enable integration of Facebook's Open Graph Markup into hyper-local website landing pages.   WIIFM? Retailers and other high-volume, multi-location businesses can tag and optimize local landing page information and then connect the data with Facebook Places pages. Higher local SEO scores can result.   Who's talking? “The ability to help execute on an SEO strategy includes mobile, local and social. Facebook Open Graph and micro data have become huge working parts of the SEO life cycle,” says search marketing consultant Paul Bruemmer.   continue reading
Search engine optimization SaaS provider RIO SEO is going really local, unveiling an upgrade that enables the integration of Facebook’s Open Graph Markup into “hyper-local” website landing pages. That’s a potentially valuable feature, particularly for businesses with multiple locations.   continue reading
Rio SEO has released an upgrade to their search and social marketing toolset that will input some social data, helping local businesses get a better picture of their shoppers. Called the Rio SEO Local Search Optimizer, the tool integrates Facebook's Open Graph Markup into a local landing page.  continue reading
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By Bill Connard / VP of Local Search   Were excited to announce the our latest press release announcing three NEW upgrades to Rio SEO Local Search Solutions 2.0™. Among them one upgrade in particular that is make huge waves around the world’s first integration of local SEO with Facebook Open Graph Search.   This first-of-its-kind upgrade with Facebook is now a key component of the Rio SEO Local Search Optimizer™ software offering. The automation tool integrates Facebook Open Graph and micro data mark-up into local website landing pages. continue reading
Content Management Upgrades as part of Rio SEO Local Search Solutions include On-the-fly Change Capabilities and Customizable Real-time Analytics for Local and Mobile Search   SAN DIEGO, March 26 – Rio SEO, an award-winning, SaaS-based software provider of SEO and social media marketing tools, today unveiled a first-of-its-kind software upgrade that enables the integration of Facebook’s Open Graph Markup into hyper-local website landing pages for multi-location businesses.   continue reading
In today's discussion around content marketing, much of the focus has been on volume. If content is the fuel that drives inbound marketing, mining for more of it seems paramount.   Except when it's not. As content marketing becomes nearly ubiquitous, other factors such as integration with other marketing programs, analytics and distribution are receiving increasing attention. Even viewer psychology is beginning to be employed.   continue reading

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