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One of the things I’ve been pondering lately revolves around the digital marketing and social media buzz words:  Owned, Paid and Earned.   While these words imply different channels, marketer relationships with those channels, media formats, their audience reach and persona types, I believe it is time to stop considering them mutually exclusive silos.   continue reading
The lines of Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing were already well on their way of becoming increasingly blurred when Google's Hummingbird change in 2013 increased the impact that social media assets have in determining search engine rankings.   As a refresher (or maybe primer), let's provide a distinction between Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing.  Distilled from a 2012 post by Toby Murdock on the Content Marketing Institute's website, the main difference is that: continue reading
Matt Cutts’ recent post on his personal blog articulated a devolving pattern of spammy “guest blog” practices. It was a fairly thorough exploration of a common problem of paying for content simply to gain links. While it was a complex argument, and a solid point of view - it was summed up everywhere in four words: “Guest Blogging is Dead” which is not exactly what he said - it was a bit more of a, cautionary tale - ‘be careful who you invite to blog’. Basically Cutts’ point can be boiled down to one salient point; Blogging - and content - cannot just be about SEO. If you look at the forest for the virtual trees you are missing the value for users in the creation of content and the curation of voices.
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By Rachel Ullstrom / Social Account Director, Rio SEO   This past week the Rio SEO Social team was in full force at the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) Summit (#WOMMASummit) in beautiful yet cold Nashville, Tenn. In general, it was great to see so much cohesion in the industry in terms of insights, metrics and overarching themes. My general takeaways were around shareable content, as well as consumer-centric outreach and strategy. continue reading
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WOMMA Summit is an annual event that brings an elite group of marketing professionals to one city for three days! This year, WOMMA Summit is headed to Nashville, TN November 18-20th where marketing leaders can plan to collaborate, educate and celebrate the best of word of mouth marketing and social media.  

40+ sessions, 4 keynotes, 2+ days, and the WOMMY Awards.

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Every month or so, another article claiming the “end of social media” is published in reaction to some small change in subscribers, participants or popular sites. It’s the sort of argument I imagine was popular among stair makers when the elevator was invented. These ‘chicken littles’ (in this case the Daily Mail) recently noted that investment in social sites was down in July and asked if it was “the end of the social network.” continue reading
Ben Straley / VP of Social Search Technologies   In a recent webinar titled How to Create Brand Buzz Using Social Audience Data and Smart Segmentation and hosted by WOMMA, I highlighted the importance of creating rich brand advocate profiles and reaching similar enthusiasts at an amplified scale. You can view and listen to a recording of the Webinar here.   continue reading
Content Marketing has become a hot topic over the last couple of years as social media has exploded and placed significantly more control of brands in the hands of consumers. Take a look at this five year chart of searches for “content marketing” from Google Trends.   continue reading
While social media is real time in nature, we share, talk, and engage in the moment, long-term engagement should be the goal of every social interaction. Keeping the attention of your social and advocate audience requires diligence and consistency, but more importantly, an understanding of who your audience is and what is compelling to them, both to engage not only these consumers, but to reach prospects like them as well.   The “brand newsroom” is a concept that has received a lot of press lately, and while there is certainly proven value in using short-term interests to hold attention in the long term, many niche and smaller consumer brands find the “newsroom” to be out of reach.   continue reading
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As the volume of social information that data companies continue to collect on a daily basis skyrockets well into the petabyte range (Facebook alone records more than 500 Terabytes of data a day!), it's no surprise that issues of ethics and privacy disclosures have become critical and hot topics of discussion, not just within industry, but also in terms of government involvement.  continue reading

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