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Kristi Hedin is a Marketing Manager at Rio SEO with expertise in digital marketing, technology and all things creative.

Case Study: Tidewater Physicians Multispecialty Group

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Tidewater Physicians Multispecialty Group operates over 75 offices with 220 healthcare providers throughout southeastern Virginia, so having one tool to manage its reputation management and listings management was crucial to responding to every patient's need online. Read our case study to learn how Rio helped TPMG with their listings management.

The 5 Most Common Challenges Brands Face when Creating Local Landing Pages

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If you run a multi-location enterprise, then, your foot traffic for each location is directly linked to your local online visibility. One way to do this is by creating local landing pages that are unique for each store location and region. But simply creating local landing pages is not enough. These pages must be optimized for local search inquiries and lead customers from their initial search to an in-store visit. Here are five challenges brands often face when creating local landing pages and how Rio SEO’s Local Pages can help.

Webinar Recap: Organic SEO and Google’s Local 3-pack What’s New & Where to Focus Next

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Just two years ago, it was mission critical for brands to have a rock-solid organic SEO strategy in place if they wanted to also succeed at the local level. At that time, the Local Search Association held a webinar with special guest Joy Hawkins, owner of local SEO agency Sterling Sky and the Local Search Forum, in which she demonstrated the effect organic positioning had on local rankings. The takeaway was that higher organic rankings directly increased your probability of appearing in the Local Pack. What’s more, we determined at the time that a well-optimized Locator was key for improving local visibility. But with the myriad changes Google has made to its algorithms, does this best practice still hold true?

Local Marketing Experts Share Insights & Tips for Brands in Live AMA

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Your Greatest Local Marketing Questions: Answered If you could ask an SEO expert anything to help solve your brand’s search challenges and improve online performance, what would it be? We recently invited multi-location enterprises and marketers to “Ask Us Anything” in a live webinar and fielded questions on everything from getting multiple locations to rank

Rio SEO and ClickZ Share Local SEO Tool Tips for Multi-Location Marketers

By |2020-01-03T11:00:17-08:00May 28, 2019|Business Listings, Local SEO|

In a recent webinar with Tyler Ludwig, Director of Enterprise Solutions at Rio SEO, and Colin Seymour, Director of Business Development at Rio SEO, participants learned how to do just that. Tyler and Colin explored how technology is dictating the consumer journey, what essentials are needed for a broad local presence, how to add consumer utility on your site (and why it matters), and more.

The Definitive Guide to Managing Online Listings for Restaurant Chains

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In this eBook, we outline the several components of a successful restaurant marketing campaign, primarily focusing on managing online listings and local search success. Here you will also find information on recent technology trends shaping the industry, the most prominent listing platforms, best practices for managing customer reviews, and building consumer trust. By keeping your listings fresh, responding to online reviews, and optimizing your digital presence, restaurants have a better chance at thriving in this highly competitive space.

Measuring the ROI of Google Posts for Enterprise Brands: An Analysis of Over 5000 Google Posts

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How useful are Google Posts in boosting online brand promotion? To test the effectiveness of Google Posts, Rio SEO’s team created a study to track, identify, and analyze the benefits of this feature in the final quarter of 2018. The scope of the study included the analysis of 5000 Google Posts created for multi-location brands within various industries. Specific benchmarks were measured, such as website actions, total views, direct searches, phone call actions, and more.