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Rio SEO simplifies complex local marketing by empowering enterprise brands with solutions that engage customers throughout the search ecosystem. Our Open Local Platform powers the marketing solutions that multi-location brands need to establish a local presence and connect with customers.

How International Brands Succeed in Local Marketing

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Multi-location brands face unique challenges in local SEO, particularly global enterprises operating in many smaller pockets of large, diverse markets. Today, over 52% of worldwide online traffic is mobile and according to Google, a third of mobile searches have local context.

Case Study: Pharmacy Brand Prescribed a Hyperlocal Content Strategy to Cure Local Rankings

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A major pharmacy retailer sought a comprehensive local SEO strategy to increase organic and local visibility across its thousands of locations. The brand had a solid foundation of optimized landing pages and accurate local listings, and needed an extra push to gain visibility in underperforming markets. Find out how Rio SEO developed a multifaceted approach

Voice Search FAQs: Everything Your Multi-Location Brand Needs to Know

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Each month, connected and mobile devices process over a billion voice search queries by U.S. consumers alone and in the space between 2008 and 2016. Google voice search queries increased by 35 times, clearly, voice search has surpassed its critical mass and become ubiquitous. How can multi-location and enterprise brands incorporate this consumer preference for search

POV: 7 Types of Content You Need in a Voice Search World

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  In a local search landscape that is increasingly driven by voice queries, does your brand have what it takes to compete in the search results? In much the same way as Google taught us to type questions into a search box to find solutions to our needs so many years ago, Voice Assistants are

Online Review Trends & Their Impact on Multi-Location Businesses

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  When it comes to finding information about local businesses, mobile search has become quite ubiquitous. Today, nearly 1/3 of all mobile searches have location-specific context, and 76% of people who conduct a search on their smartphone for something nearby will visit a business within one day. What’s more, they’re searching with great intent, and

POV: 2018 SERP Feature Optimization for Multi-Location Brands

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The days of 10 blue links as a search result are no longer. Today, Google gives searchers a myriad of results in a variety of different formats in response to each user query. As major search engines strive to provide better answers to every user question and need, SERPs (search engine results pages) have grown

Replay: Elements of an Effective Local Reviews Strategy

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Online reviews impact sales and can make or break your reputation or brand. That applies equally to retailers, contractors, dentists and plastic surgeons. In fact, 88% of consumers say they trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. As a result, reviews have become a critical part of local SEO and enterprises large or small must

Why Does Google Keep Changing My Hours?

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Despite continuous updates and management of listings, sometimes inaccurate information is still published on Google. Even with the regular location data updates we push via our API, a large number of locations have Suggested Updates from Google--up to 10%, for some brands. How is this happening? Google suggestions/Suggested Updates began appearing within GMB in late