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GMB API 4.8 Update: The Impact on Hospitality & Healthcare Brands

By |2021-01-25T06:43:07-08:00January 25, 2021|Blog Posts, Google My Business|

Google launched version 4.8 of its Google My Business (GMB) API in mid-December, 2020. What does this update mean for enterprise and multi-location brands? In this post, we’ll take a look at what this update impacts enterprise brands, specifically focusing on the two verticals it affects most: hospitality and healthcare. What’s New for Hospitality Brands?

Local Search Consumer Behavior Trends By Industry December 2020 Update

By |2021-01-19T08:48:21-08:00January 19, 2021|Blog Posts, Local Marketing|

Since COVID-19 sent brands worldwide into uncharted consumer behavior territory, we’ve been finding ways to help establish new benchmarks. In this ongoing series of monthly local search trends, we are uncovering insights from 203,600 enterprise locations to illustrate how COVID is impacting local search volume, views, and conversion rates. In this post, we will discuss

How Search Engines Adapted to Local Marketing Changes Due to COVID-19

By |2021-01-14T06:18:29-08:00January 14, 2021|Blog Posts, Local Marketing|

We’ve all heard bold statements about how the world will never be the same following the current pandemic. And while it’s certainly true to say that the global marketplace has experienced unprecedented shifts in consumer behavior over the last year, it’s worth noting that global, of course, also entails local.  In a time characterized by

Local Search Consumer Behavior Trends By Industry November 2020 Update

By |2020-12-23T08:27:04-08:00December 23, 2020|Blog Posts|

The Coronavirus pandemic has had a wide-ranging and unpredictable impact on the way consumers interact with businesses and use search to find solutions to their needs. Informational needs have grown exponentially as people learn to navigate public health measures, social distancing, new shopping methods such as BOPIS and contactless delivery, and more. Each month, we've

Google My Business Adds Place an Order Link for Retail Brands

By |2020-12-22T14:59:10-08:00December 22, 2020|Blog Posts, Retail|

We’ve talked quite a bit lately about how Google is positioning itself as the transactional layer of the web. Travelers can book flights and hotels, order food, and even book appointments with service businesses such as barbershops right from the search results page. Now, retailers can add a ‘Place an Order’ link to their Google

Where to Prioritize Your Digital Presence and What Matters Most for 2021 [INFOGRAPHIC]

By |2021-01-14T04:44:10-08:00December 16, 2020|Blog Posts, Infographics, Local Marketing|

The year 2020 tested marketers across the globe both with the ability to be agile and pivot efforts quickly amid times of adversity. Local consumers’ search behavior changed dramatically, digital adoption accelerated by years, and the Coronavirus pandemic has left a crater in brands’ historic data that makes it really questionable as to whether the

Local Search Trends and Predictions for 2021: Ask the Experts

By |2021-01-14T04:45:42-08:00December 15, 2020|Blog Posts|

In the absence of historic data to help guide your planning through the pandemic recovery period, how can your brand set a solid marketing strategy for 2021? It’s a question raising much debate and discussion in boardrooms across the globe. After all, 2020 has been unprecedented, to say the least, we haven’t yet experienced anything