Do you ever check store hours, pull up a recipe, or look at a restaurant’s menu—all without leaving Google? If this is the case, you’re already familiar with zero-click searches.

Zero-click searches are now more prevalent than ever and have grabbed the attention of local marketers worldwide. Google’s continual efforts to enhance the search experience have now made it easier for users to find the answers they need quickly. Consumers now can locate exactly what they’re looking for through featured snippets, calculators, definitions, maps, GMB listings and other “position 0” results. Together, these tools are fundamentally changing the way people gather information at home and on the go.

Now that zero-clicks have overtaken organic clicks, business owners must understand how this impacts SEO strategy. The following statistics show just how crucial it is to adapt to the shifting local search landscape.

Rise of Zero Click Searches Infographic

Local search continues to be a powerful marketing platform, and enhanced results provide exciting new ways to take advantage of it. In order to do this, complete and accurate Google My Business listings are a must since nearly all GMB searches are zero-click. You can then put a holistic On-SERP strategy in place and optimize your content to win featured snippets and other prime page-one positioning.

The era of zero-click search has arrived and is here to stay. Are you prepared?

For more tips on how to win with zero-click searches, watch our webinar on the Rise of Zero Click Searches.

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