By Pete Dudchenko / VP of Product Management

We hear a lot of talk these days of how SEO is converging with many other industries into the age of Content Marketing and Convergence Analytics. What’s just as interesting, but less apparent, is how this movement is forcing many SEO Managers to adapt their careers to these changes and focus less on the technical aspects and more on keyword research and content marketing. Where SEO used to be treated more like code optimization rather than a marketing exercise, it has shifted to bring content discovery, research and promotion into one digital strategy. Source code investigations of the header tags and title tags were more common than viewing the overall page itself for content relevance and customer interest across various mediums.

As we learned from our recent webinar with IBM, “The Evolution of SEO Managers into Online Marketers”, it’s not enough to focus on improving pages after the content has been created. It is more critical than ever to move ahead of the process, into keyword research and content creation to ensure the content being created is relevant, interesting and highly optimized before it is launched.

This movement towards involvement earlier in the content promotion process is what has transformed the role of an SEO Managers into Online Marketers. Using technology, IBM’s network utilized Rio SEO’s Keyword Discovery Automation to identify keywords and content concepts that are highly relevant to the interests of the target audience. Techniques such as social listening, competitive analysis and traditional concepts measuring keyword search demand can inspire Online Marketers around the most opportunistic content ideas to focus on.

As content is created, optimized and published, recognizing the need to promote this content is yet another evolution into the world of content marketing. Social signals are increasingly important, such as social sharing and Bing’s integration with Facebook, due to their impact on search results and the ability to reach your brand’s target audience. All of this supports the goal of driving quality traffic to encourage engagement and content promotion at the social level.  It’s these concepts of becoming more involved in the content creation and promotion that move us all out of the technical world of SEO and into the larger concept of Content Marketing.